Should you use CBD?

Are you looking for a way to get all the benefits of marijuana without feeling any of the high? Are you wanting an alternative to modern pain medication but aren’t sure is CBD is the right thing for you?

When you’re looking for a solution to your pain relief, it’s tempting to take the path of least resistance. Pharmaceuticals are so expensive these days and can have a lot of negative side effects, so many people turn to CBD instead.

CBD is a relatively new product on the market and because it is a product related to marijuana, people are often sceptical about using it. This stigma is slowly disappearing as it being sold in supermarkets and health shops more and more, but the majority of the product is still being sold online through retailers like Smoke Cartel, here. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in many places around the world, it has become a lot easier for people to research and discover the benefits it actually has to offer. If you want to know what these benefits are, continue reading.

What is CBD?

Most people, when thinking about marijuana, they think about the euphoric high that you get after consuming it, but people often tend to forget about its medicinal properties. Marijuana is made up of many compounds but the two main ones are THC and CBD also known as cannabidoil. THC is the compound which gives you the high whereas CBD is a different compound that has absolutely no psychoactive properties whatsoever. This means there is no high when consuming CBD alone.

Research has shown that CBD can be very helpful in a lot of medical cases and is a great way treat the symptoms of various different diseases and disorders. It is now quite heavily made use of in the medical industry as a great way to treat a variety of different things.

What are the benefits?

When it comes to CBD, too many people are weary of making use of it because they worry about the stigma that comes with the use of marijuana products, however, CBD is a product of marijuana and actually has so many different benefits that can help a variety of different people. One of the biggest benefits of CBD is that it is commonly known to relieve pain but the compound attracting to your pain receptors and dampening the signals. This is also said to be incredibly useful when it comes to reducing inflammation, which goes hand in hand with pain.

One of the most common uses for CBD is to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD. CBD is a great way to feel a lot more relaxed and to take the focus off of what is creating the anxiety. There are a lot of different symptoms that comes along with these such as sleeplessness, and CBD is well known to help with insomnia too.

Not only can it treat these disorders but it can also be used to treat the symptoms of the likes of cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and more. Although it is important to note that CBD is not a cure but just a way to manage symptoms.

How to consume it?

With the marijuana industry constantly growing and new products being developed all the time, there are an abundance of ways to consume CBD. If you are wanting fast acting affects you might go for the likes of a vape or vape pen with a CBD concentrate. This also goes for tinctures. If you want stronger effects but don’t mind waiting a little bit to feel anything then you might try an edible.

If you don’t want to consume anything by mouth at all, you could always go for a topical option. These include creams, gels, oils, and more which can be applied to the skin and directly target the source of the pain.

Are there side effects?

Many people are concerned about using CBD at first because it is a product of marijuana and they don’t know what kind of side effects they might have. There are not terribly bad ones like lung damage or anything bad like that, however there may be a few side effects like drowsiness, or maybe slight nausea if you are not yet used
to the product. Typically you should consume about 30mg a day but if you consume more, there is nothing bad that will happen to you.

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