5 Tips for Centrifugal Pump Safety

Centrifugal pumps are the most frequently used industrial pumps in the world. The mechanics of using the pump are the same despite the fluids it uses to move. The operation of such a pump typically uses an electric motor or engine. Inside the pump case, there is a rotating axis that drives the impeller. Safety should be the topmost priority when handling powerful and large equipment. Industrial machinery such as the centrifugal pump needs special attention so that you can ensure its maximum safety. It is good to learn of the best safety measures and immediately implement them. Also, you can use nriparts.com for purchasing replacement parts and repair and maintenance. Below are tips for centrifugal pump safety.

Use centrifugal pumps for specific use

Just like other equipment, the design of the centrifugal pump is to perform specific work. Using the pump for a different task will destroy the structure or make it unfit to work efficiently. Practice not using the pump for operations that are outside its designated capabilities. For instance, if the design of the machinery is not to pump corrosive or flammable fluids, then under zero conditions should you do so. If you do not understand how to use the machinery, carefully read the manual that comes in handy with the pump on purchasing. The manual describes how the pump should and should not work. It will help you avoid negative results brought by carrying out the wrong task with the equipment.

Certify pump operators have proper training

Pay attention and be strict as you employ operators to run your machinery. Someone without proper knowledge and training of the pump will put themselves or their fellow workers at a high risk of harm. If someone mistakes the operations of the specific pump, they will end up damaging other equipment in the system, if not the centrifugal pump. Damages on industrial machinery will cost you repairs or force you to purchase new equipment. The use of warning stickers in the equipment room helps spread awareness to the other workers that no one should operate any equipment without proper training.

Execute a preventive maintenance scheme

It is the main factor in the safety of the centrifugal pump. Note that even the most reliable and best industrial equipment need maintenance services. Parts will tear and wear due to recurrent use and sometimes may occasionally lead to failing. Carry out a maintenance routine on your machinery so that you can prevent and be able to notice the pump failures before they occur. Learn to first scrutinize the motor before putting it to work. Ensure it is safe to start its daily operations and it is efficiently in good condition. The constancy of your preventative maintenance will differ following how often your pump is in use and the type of use.

Scrutinize the discharge and suction line

Checking of the centrifugal pump suction line is done regularly to avoid any blockage from taking place. Moreover, it helps to notice early in case of any blockage to sort it out. Small debris likely finds its way inside the suction hose or suction line. The particles break down from the inside, therefore, leading to blockage of the centrifugal pump. Signs of blockage mainly are low discharge pressure and high vacuum. If you notice any of this two, prepare yourself to sort out a block to keep your machinery safe. However, problems with your pump discharge line may be because the pump is old. Take care of the discharge and suction end of your pump to guarantee its efficient and safe operation.

Be aware of your surroundings and take caution

Practicing caution to your industrial centrifugal pumps and other machinery should be a priority. Have ample time with no distractions to carefully study your industrial surrounding. Move and walk around the machines carefully and slowly to notice and beware of any tripping hazards in the equipment. When it comes to taking caution, observe a safe distance from all the devices and have a quick escape route in your mind in case you get to the midst of an emergency arising. It will put your equipment in a safe position and yourself. Train your workers and let them be aware of their surroundings.

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