How to Watch a Movie Without an Internet Connection While Traveling?

It is indeed challenging to fathom life before the internet. Everything we do nowadays is done online through our portable devices. Be it grocery shopping, stock exchange rates, tracking flights, and of course, enjoying shows and movies.

Nonetheless, we have all been in situations where we did not have access to the internet. For example, during an international flight, road trips, in remote areas, or when there is a network concern. So how do you watch movies without an internet connection? Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can do so. All of these approaches are reasonably safe and inexpensive. Let’s dig into them.


One of the most loved streaming networks is Netflix that provides the option of viewing movies and shows online and offline. Yes, you read that correctly. Not long ago Netflix did not offer this facility. All of this recently changed when the streaming behemoth released a feature that allows users to watch material offline.

Install the Netflix app on your Fire Stick and log in using your credentials. Browse their collection for your favorite movies. When you end up finding a movie that suits your taste, click the download button. For a safer viewing and downloading experience, start with a free VPN first. Downloading a VPN is a smart move to protect your privacy online.

Please remember that this media cannot be transferred to some other device or stored locally. Due to license constraints, not all films are available for download.

Google Play Movies

If you are not using a Netflix subscription, there are still many alternatives to watching movies offline.  are one of them. It does not require a regular subscription. You can rent or buy any movie you like through this app. Since it is on a pay-per-view basis, you can purchase individual episodes or an entire season.

Go to the Google Play Movies collection and select the movie you want to watch offline by clicking the download icon. This strategy is excellent for someone who has an Android smartphone and does not have access to streaming platforms like Netflix. The rental fee is very reasonable; however, keep an eye out for Redbox discount codes as you may rent for free.

While the rental fee is on the lower side, it is still there. Plus, you should remember that live streaming will eat into your data charges. The alternative to this is to use platforms and websites that help you download movies and tv shows and allow you to catch them in an offline setting. Make sure that you read the reviews and find out the best sites for downloading here.

Amazon Prime Video

Downloading movies via Amazon Prime Video is very easy. For offline viewing, click the “Free to me” option when browsing through the library. To download the movie on your laptop, click on the download option beneath the movie’s synopsis.

One of Amazon Prime’s clear advantages is its vast library of movie downloads, which spans all genres and includes family-friendly options. Furthermore, Amazon Prime has access to audio series, soundtracks, eBooks, and a slew of other valuable membership benefits.

DVD Ripping

Of course, you should acquire digital copies of any DVDs you possess. You can produce a digital version and save it to the device’s internal storage via DVD ripper software. While this method is excellent for repurposing traditional DVDs, ensure the devices have sufficient storage space on their C: or D: drives to store movies.

Alternatively, bring an external disc so that you can store a large number of films to keep you entertained for long.  You have complete freedom to watch anything you like and, whenever you want. Furthermore, saving digital versions on external devices allows you to enjoy a movie on a second device without connecting to the internet.


There are so many instances on flights, trains or even bus travel where we do not have the best internet connectivity. In such an instance, spending hours without any entertainment can be a bummer. One of the best ways to bypass the same would be to plan your entertainment needs well in advance. For starters, you can use a site like the ipiratebay and create a movie or music playlist which you will be able to easily access on offline viewing mediums. Simply carry the file on your pen drive, and plug it into your laptop or tablet when you are travelling.

There will always be a means to get what we desire. When it comes to movies, download your favorites to a storage media or an app. Plan ahead by downloading the film when you have access to the internet. If you know that you will be traveling a long distance, downloading media on your gadgets will save you time and money. You will also be at peace as you know that you will not be bored throughout the journey. It is perfect if you have a subscription, but DVD ripping can always be a good choice if you do not. In any case, you’ll be able to find material no matter where you travel.

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