7 Best Cities In The World For Doing Business In 2022


Have you ever wondered what makes an entrepreneur-friendly city?

When you start any business, the most important thing that affects the success of your business is its location. Generally, it is a good idea to have a location that is easily accessible and visited by the clients.

The location of the business should be such that the business can get traffic from the customers and build a customer base area.

The best way to find a location that perfectly suits your business is to look into the following.

  • Access to capital.
  • Education and training.
  • Networking and contracting opportunities.

Once all this is taken care of, the next thing you need to ensure is that you are secured from the documentation front. Opening a business infamous and business-friendly city can be a sophisticated process.

To ensure you comply with all the laws and regulations, take help from the law firm in DIFC. Having a professional by your side, you can leave all your paperwork onto them and concentrate on running the business.

Best Cities In The World For Doing Business In 2022

A startup is more than a business. It is about sharing a different culture in a new environment. And while doing so, offering new opportunities. To get the best out of your startup, you need to find the right city.

That being said, here is a list of the best cities to start a business in 2022. While creating the list, we have taken the filling into consideration.

  • Cost of living.
  • Doing business.
  • Taxes
  • Real estate cost.
  • Transportation costs.
  • Surrounding key industries.
  • Local talent pool.

Now that your factors have helped us filter out the best cities to start a business, let’s jump right into it.

1. New York

New York is one of the largest and most influential trading hubs globally. Talking about the best cities to open a business, the list can never start without New York City. New York City tops the rank of GFCI, boasting 4,400 separate financial institutions.

In addition, the New York Stock Exchange has an equity market capitalization of more than $25 trillion, making it the largest stock exchange in the world.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is perhaps the largest metropolitan city in the world. In fact, 51 out of fortune 500 companies are located in Tokyo.

The city is considered a financial hub. In addition, it has infrastructure, reputation, and financial sector development to support new industries without having any problems.

The Tokyo stock exchange is currently valued at almost $6 trillion with more than 2000 companies.

3. London

It is no surprise that London is right behind New York on the list. London is one of the powerhouses that supports the global economy. The city is home to more than 300 banks and has more than 1 million professionals in the financial sector.

The London Stock exchange is one of the oldest stock exchanges. It is currently valued at almost $5 trillion with almost 200 trading companies.

4. Dubai

Not adding Dubai to the list will simply be an insulting action. Dubai, which was known for its desert in the late 1950s, has now become an industrial hub. Companies and industries from all around the world are shifting to Dubai. Perhaps this is why Dubai is also sometimes called Gateway To The World.

With almost 2.5 million living within the four hours flight to the emirate, traders and businesses worldwide frequently fly to Hitech city for business.

5. Singapore

Singapore is a proud home of people from different cultures. Whenever we talk about Singapore, we think of the high skyscrapers and commercial buildings.

The Singapore government is committed to making it an industrial hub with business-friendly policies and taxation.

Did You Find The List Helpful?

There you have it! Now you know the top cities where you can start your business. Although this is not the complete list, we have just added seven cities out of a very long list.

If you want to know the complete list of the best cities in the world for doing business, contact us or drop your request in the comment section. It might take time, but we will eventually look after every comment.

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