The standard resume template – Do’s and Don’ts

A resume is the key to your dream job. It is the first impression you can create about yourself and your skills. So, focusing on the proper format, words, and keywords is vital. There are a lot of unwritten rules when it comes to writing your resume.

They are more like the methods than rules to draft your resume. A resume should be neat, clear, and concise, so you must follow the standard norms applied. This article will explain what to do and what not to do when drafting a resume, giving you an idea about proper resume templates.


  • Job – When you apply for a job, you can apply to those that are right for your training and education. Always compare the job description with what you can offer.
  • Specificity – List specific experience and skills related to the job you are applying for. If you have relevant experience, you can add them to your resume. You can also add professional and credit certifications relevant to the job role.
  • Education – If it is an entry-level position, it is vital to detail the basic education you have done, the degree details, and the scores you obtained. You can also include if you have limited but valuable work experience. Also, consider the extra classes you have taken and add the relevant ones. If you are well experienced and are applying for a senior position, you can mention the degree and GPA details.
  • Other details – You should include your personal information and details like your name, phone number, email address, and others. It is essential to have your name and contact number so that it will be easy for recruiters to identify you and get in touch when necessary.
  • Keywords – You must include the relevant keywords in the resume. You can google for the keywords and add them to your resume. You should add it in a way that you incorporate it into the skills and experiences you mention. The sentence with the keywords should make proper sense.
  • Easy read – Your resume should be simple and have clear and direct statements. You can keep them concise and to the point. You can also use jargon related to the field to highlight your expertise.
  • Short – Like the statements, the content should be short and to the point. It helps the hiring managers to read through it thoroughly.
  • Final checking – When you are done with your resume, give a final check because the last thing you want is to make a mistake in the resume.


  • Job – If you do not meet the criteria of a job or are not entirely qualified, you need to step back and rethink about applying. Do not apply for all jobs you come across; it is a waste of time for both the recruiter and you.
  • Education – Make sure you include the basic details of your education. Do not go into the details of all years of education, but mention all the necessary things.
  • Experience – Do not include any irrelevant work experience you have had. While it is good that you have experience in different sectors, it might seem irrelevant to the hiring manager. Especially, do not mention part-time summer gigs that add no value to the resume. Do not freak out if you have little to no experience or if your experience is irrelevant; try to learn a few skills and do some quick projects to add value to the space.
  • Job Description – While you must have a resume tailored to the job description mentioned in the application, do not overdo it by adding the exact phrases.
  • Fast – Do not draft the resume quickly, in a rushed manner. This could hamper the quality of the resume, and you could make many mistakes.
  • Length – Do not write over two pages of a resume. It is best to keep it to one page, but with more education and experience details, do not draft it more than two pages. No hiring manager will have the time to read more than that.
  • Template – Do not use a complicated or clumsy template. It would only make the presentation bad. Also, do not forget to include keywords.
  • Jargons and cliches – Do not overuse jargon or add irrelevant terms to your job application. Similarly, do not use cliches like hard worker or team player. Try to write the same things in better words. Make sure you do not use words, phrases, or idioms that are not common.
  • Information – When you write personal or professional information, don’t go into unnecessary details. Your details of family, spouse, and other information do not seem essential to a resume. Unless you think it is vital to include any detail, do not add it.

Summing Up

One should follow these most important do’s and don’ts while writing a resume. If you are still confused about the formats, you can refer to resume templates online and use that as a base to create your resume.

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