Schneider Electric Unveils Resi9 Energy Center Retrofit Innovation for Prosumer Homes

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today launched its Resi9 Energy Center. A retrofit solution in the French market that secures electrical installations equipped with new energy inputs and loads.

Unveiled at Schneider Electric’s recent Innovation Summit in Paris, this new solution marks a significant leap forward in energy management, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability to meet the demands of the evolving energy landscape.

In a world where homes are increasingly electrified and equipped with energy production and storage technology such as solar panels, inverters and battery back-up, Schneider Electric has recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to manage the rising demand for electricity. The Resi9 Energy Center serves as the ultimate upgrade to the traditional electrical panel, addressing the challenges posed by the new energy landscape.

New era of the electrical panel

As globally we adopt more sustainable lifestyles, the electrification of our homes is expanding at a rapid rate, from the installation of solar panels and heat pumps, through to electric vehicle (EVs) chargers to power our modern-day vehicles. Prosumer households – homes that both produce and consume electricity – are increasingly common, especially with solar production.

These new technologies rely on the electrical panel, also known as the fuse box, which is at the heart of the home and acts as the gatekeeper for ensuring the safety of electrical devices and appliances. However, according to Schneider Electric’s global consumer survey carried out in 2023, almost a third of homeowners (29%) know very little about the role the electrical panel plays in their home and 16% wouldn’t know where it is located. These figures increase amongst Gen Y and Gen Z respondents – those who are becoming or will become homeowners in a time when electrification is at its highest – to 41% and 25% respectively.

It is critical for safety, and for efficacy of energy efficiency measures, that homes are equipped with the appropriate electrical panel, yet there is little awareness that becoming a prosumer or adding larger loads, such as EV chargers, could render the existing electrical panel as no longer fit for purpose.

The evolution of electrical safety – celebrating 100 years of the circuit breaker in homes

Over the past century, the electrical panel has played a crucial part in ensuring the safety of families and homes, especially through circuit breakers protecting against short circuits, overloads, and various electrical risks.

Schneider Electric, founded in 1836 and in the electrical market for close to 150 years, has continuously pioneered advancements in electrical safety. In the past 100 years of progress following the introduction of micro circuit breakers, we have seen:

1970s: New surge protection devices protected homes from lightning strikes 

1980s: Residual current devices were introduced to reduce the risk of electrocution

2000s: Arc-fault detection devices were introduced to safeguard households against fires

2018: Schneider launched PowerTag, the world’s tiniest energy sensor to understand how much electricity is consumed over the breaker or at load level

Today. Schneider Electric’s latest innovation in electrical safety and efficiency brings the electrical panel into a new era. The Resi9 Energy Center seamlessly integrates with any existing electrical panel, making it a perfect choice for retrofit and renovation projects. Equipped with high-spec hardware and state-of-the-art software, the Resi9 Energy Center provides enhanced security in the supply of electricity through various sources and its safe distribution to all electrical loads, including electric vehicle and heat pumps. All the while enabling sustainable control and customization through Schneider Electric’s all-in-one Home Energy Management app, Wiser.

Managing energy in your home becomes effortless with the Resi9 Energy Center and the Wiser Home Energy Management System. From charging your electric vehicle during off-peak hours to maximizing solar energy utilization, the Wiser Home Energy Management app puts these capabilities at your fingertips, offering real-time insights, savings tracking, and progress monitoring toward a self-sufficient home—all in one user-friendly platform.

Michael Lotfy Gierges, Executive Vice President of Global Home & Distribution at Schneider Electric, said: “The electrification of our homes is undeniably a positive step towards a more sustainable energy future. This shift, powered by renewables, enables us to tackle the 20% of global emissions produced by homes. However, as exciting as the transition to a new energy landscape is, it’s vital that safety sits at its core.

“Utilizing our 188 years of experience – 150 of which have been dedicated to the electrical market –the Resi9 Energy Center represents a true evolution of the electrical panel, and we are proud to introduce a solution that supports the electrification of homes while keeping safety, resilience, efficiency, and sustainability at the forefront.”


Schneider Electric Global Media Relations


Schneider Electric Global Media Relations

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