Mid-Autumn Retreat

Make memories at Vietnam’s historic ancient gem The mid-autumn festival is just a month away; where families come together to celebrate the full moon and the period of the wet rice cultivation. During this time, families gather around the table to enjoy mooncakes and oolong tea under the sparkle of the lunar full moon. However, … Read more

Good Will Eating

Understanding the Vietnamese custom of ‘going vegetarian’ based on the cycle of the full moon… Vietnamese believe that the full moon is an analogy to one’s virtues. On the first and 15th day of the lunar month, locals, whether Buddhists or not, lay down their spicy meat stir-fries in favor of vegetables and meat substitutes. It’s a … Read more

Moonlight Serenade

In Hoi An, when the full moon is out the city becomes spiritual If you’re lucky enough to be in Hoi An on the night of a full moon, you’ll witness a delightful transformation taking place in the streets of the Old Town. A calm descends as the electric street lights are turned off and all the lanterns are lit. … Read more