Good to be old

A good gift giver tends to give the newest thing around. A great gift giver knows the value of giving the oldest. Enter Villa Royale, a collectibles boutique that started out a year ago as an antique shop but has since also turned into one of the city’s top 10 cafes. A walk around the … Read more

Hello Kitty

Enjoy some feline cuddling with your cuppa Located on the second floor of a three-story house is probably the only cat café in Saigon. Ailu Café (284C Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Phu Nhuan) is small, and the furniture is simple. An oversized scratching tree stands in the middle of the floor. Old paint is peeling off … Read more

Swept Away in Mui Ne

Time to exchange the air and noise pollution of HCMC for the sea breeze and serenity of the beach  The ribbon of azure blue on the horizon imperceptibly draws closer as the sun brightens up the water, illuminating shades of aquamarine. We’re in Mui Ne, a small seaside retreat just four hours from Saigon. With … Read more