The Power of Three

The future of 3D printing is now present in Vietnam To non-tech savvy people, 3D printing, technology that can create physical objects in real life from virtual models, must seem like the stuff from sci-fi shows and books. To a small but gradually widening crowd of enthusiasts however, this technology, though only in its infancy, has been … Read more

To Catch a Motorbike Thief

Devices that may answer Vietnam’s motorbike theft culture Having your motorbike stolen is most likely one of the worst (and common) things that can happen here. Having worked hard to earn the money for a motorbike and waking up one day to see it missing is painful, frustrating and disheartening. Enter SmartLock and SmartBike, devices designed by a team of engineers at Digi- GPS … Read more

i.e. Motorbike

A marriage between an iphone and an electric motorbike Terra Motors, a Japanese electric motorcycle manufacturer, is aiming to combat Vietnam’s two worst problems – air pollution and traffic congestion – by combining the country’s two favorite commodities – motorbikes and smartphones. Terra Motors is hoping to convince the Vietnamese that their latest model, the … Read more