Playing Hooky

When the city gets to be too much, it’s time to look to the sky for some relief…

Living in Ho Chi Minh City comes with its share of blessings – however, peace and quiet are not among them. As any big city dweller knows, every once in a while you need to take a break from the hectic pace to decompress and recharge the batteries. Unfortunately, not everyone can always get away when they need to. And the hassle of traveling chews up precious leisure time and only adds to the effort needed to relax. Thankfully, this big city offers options for people in such situations.

One can find serenity in Ho Chi Minh City by looking up… 20 floors up. That’s where the Sofitel’s new rooms and suites collection resides. Grabbing the opportunity to ‘get out of town,’ my girlfriend and I stuffed a change of clothes, some essentials, and our bathing suits into a backpack to make a quick escape. Arriving promptly at noon we were greeted with friendly smiles and ushered to the exclusive Sofitel Club Lounge for a private check in and sparkling water while we relaxed on a sofa waiting for sign in to be complete.

Cover Story-Luxury Staycations-Sofitel-Image by Quinn Ryan Mattingly-4

We were led to the top floor, which has restricted access, and to our suite. Upon entering, we felt immediately transported to a faraway retreat. Wood floors are a vacation for the feet after padding around on hard tiles daily. The cavernous bathroom, enclosed in glass, with the toilet and shower separated, provides all the comforts and toiletries one could wish for, including a stand-alone tub. Long couches to lounge upon, pleasing color schemes, and ample light and desk space provide finishing touches. After exploring the suite we checked to make sure the king size bed was soft and comfortable – it was. The mattress was soft beyond words. It swallows a person whole by matching the contours of one’s body and has pillows to match.

Down on the 18th floor was a sparkling oasis. We had to strain to hear the din of the street. Quiet and calm, the pool was as inviting as it was refreshing. Attendants supplied us with clean towels and complimentary Granny Smith apples – my favorite – which is one of those little touches that make great service stellar. A leisurely swim in the pool was energizing. Alas, wrinkled digits trumpet that pool time is over and lounging in the sun time has begun. The breeze became wind, signaling the end of fun in the sun time.

In the morning we grudgingly packed up our clothes and proceeded downstairs to check out, skipping breakfast because we opted to sleep longer in the blissfully soft bed. The next time I feel the city beating down on me with no escape possible, I have the perfect plan and place to play hooky.


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1 thought on “Playing Hooky”

  1. The last 2 months I’ve been studying and supporting my wife and daughter single-handedly. I have vacation from work next week but only 150,000 Dong. I haven’t taken a vacation in two years!


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