Children of the North

Sapa and Ha Giang was amazingly beautiful and endlessly fascinating because of the children I met while traveling there. No matter how rugged and remote, there were always one or two children around either playing or going about their everyday activities without a care in the world.

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE__MG_6591Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE__MG_6605

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_LAOCAI__MG_2311_2009_NTOi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_YTY__MG_5424_2009_NTOi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_MG_6327

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE__MG_6028Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE__MG_6136

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE__MG_6286Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE__MG_6873

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_LAOCAI__MG_2102_2009_NTOi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_LAOCAI_IMG_3077_2009_NT

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_LAOCAI_IMG_3079_2009_NTOi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_YTY__MG_1920_2009_NT

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_YTY__MG_1922_2009_NTOi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_YTY__MG_5512_2009_NT

Oi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_YTY__MG_5626_2009_NTOi Vietnam - Sep 2014 -PE_LAOCAI_IMG_3080_2009_NT


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