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  • Fatherhood


I am 28 years old, from Uruguay, and currently living in Hanoi. I am single and would like to become a father. Could you please tell about the options available to me?
Congratulations on your brave decision to be a single […]

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  • Housekey


Breaking a lease is breaking the law, know your rights as a lessee
We signed a contract with an owner to move on August 1st, and the deposit was paid the day before. At 3pm, he told our real estate agent […]

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Bear this in Mind

Endangered species and conservation laws for Vietnam

I recently overheard someone shouted, “I accidentally ate pangolin meat!” He ate pangolin meat without knowing what a pangolin was and that it is an endangered species and trading it is illegal. This sad story made […]

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  • hire-a-motorbike-driver-in-vietnam

Drive Safely

Hi Antoine,
I’m a student from the EU traveling in Southeast Asia. I am going to spend a few months in Vietnam and will be driving amotorbike throughout my trip. Do you have any advice in case I have a road […]

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Rooms Available

I’m from Spain and have been working over the past years here with the purpose of starting a hostel close to Pho Nha Ke Bang natural reserve. What company structure would best suit this business and what steps should I take to […]

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  • Dual-Citizenship

The Duel for Duality

Tackling the issue of dual citizenship for foreigners.

Dear Antoine, 

I’m an Australian citizen and would like to become a Vietnamese citizen because I’ll be marrying a Vietnamese woman and have decided to settle down here permanently. Can I apply for Vietnamese […]

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Assisted Reproduction

Alternative options available in Vietnam for couples who want to be parents

Dear Antoine,
My boyfriend and I are over 30 now, and we think it is time to start a family. Unfortunately, we are not able to have our own babies therefore […]

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  • matthew-bennett-425573-unsplash

The Golden Years

Visa requirements to retire in Vietnam
Dear Antoine, I’m a French retiree who had recently visited Vietnam as a tourist for three weeks and I’d really love to go back. I heard that in Thailand there is a special long-stay visa […]

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  • visa-vietnam

The Visa Vortex

Matching the many different types of visas with the right person

Dear Antoine, I’m looking to open a business in Vietnam in the next few months and wanted to discuss some of the ambiguous Vietnamese visa laws. Although the visa situation […]

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