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About Bill Hanrahan

Bill Hanrahan is a Technology Education Coach & Social Studies Teacher at ISHCMC-American Academy. He is a Syracuse University adjunct instructor for psychology and entrepreneurship and is convinced Seinfeld is the best show there ever was or will be.
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Digital Distractions

How smartphones have increased our working hours even after we leave the office
This first installment of our smartphone dilemma series will focus on some current trends being discussed and shed new light on what the phones do to us. If […]

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Smartphone dilemna – part two

Take Two, We Used To Daydream

Have you found yourself picking up your phone a moment after you put it away? Do you slow down your walking so you can send a couple of texts? Ever stand behind someone texting while […]

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Smartphone Dilemma

Coping with and, sometimes, without our phones for a balanced life

This morning the alarm clock on my phone woke me up and, as it does every day, a gentle melody tune eased me up from my pillows. I checked my messages, scrolled the […]

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