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Twists and turns: Saigon’s maze maker

Oi meets a maze maker in Saigon and learns a lot about a unique art form...
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Graffiti and street art in Vietnam

When Bridget March arrived in Vietnam, she never thought she would miss urban art - now she has found graffiti and street art in Vietnam and feels relieved.
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Grado Art Studio: Teaching the joy of painting

It’s a little before 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon as a little girl with a braided ponytail and a crooked smile skips into the sunlit room.

Within minutes, she’s donned a paint- splattered apron and is seated in front of her […]

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  • Fine art museum

Let’s make the Ho Chi Minh City art scene more dynamic

Let's make the Ho Chi Minh City art scene more dynamic, ventures Oi's art columnist Bridget March.
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Snap decisions: Collecting photography

Someone recently asked me: “Are photographic prints collectable? Can collecting photography be an investment the same way as art?”

My answer is absolutely! And right now is a very good time to start collecting, right here in Vietnam.

Across the world, 19th, […]

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Behind the lens: meet Hoi An photographer Rehahn

If every picture tells 1000 words, there must be millions of words to the stories of Hoi An-based photographer Rehahn.

It’s good to be Réhahn. This time last year, the Hoi An-based portrait photographer had about 6,000 Facebook fans. Thanks to […]

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  • Post card Singapore

Human Touch

An artist gets her kicks in Singapore

Visiting Singapore after two years in Vietnam is such a treat for an artist like me. It was the annual Affordable Art Fair in the exhibition halls near the Singapore wheel. I was dazzled […]

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Big and Shiny

The neon lights of Hong Kong

I last visited Hong Kong at the very beginning of the Year of the Horse and here I am, 12 years later, in the same year but a different place. Back then, the city had […]

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  • Kate festival

Mbeng Kate

A disappearing tradition

Held in September/October, the Mbeng Kate (the seventh month of the lunar calendar), or more commonly, but perhaps inaccurately, known as theKate Festival, is one of the most important events on the Cham calendar. While Mbeng Kate is […]

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  • Cosplay

Full Metal Jackets

Costume designer turns play into work

In the cosplay community, Han Phi Tuyet (also known as “The Armor Man”) is the go-to designer for bespoke one-of-a-kind anime or sci-fi inspired costumes. At just 24, Tuyet has created sets and props for […]

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