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Top 10 Giants in Vietnam Stock Exchange

The top ten largest firms on the Vietnam Stock Exchange include large companies like Vietcombank, Vinamilk, Vingroup, and Sabeco. Banking and Food and Beverage companies appear the most on the list.

Stock price: VND119,000 per share
Market cap: […]

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I am 28 years old, from Uruguay, and currently living in Hanoi. I am single and would like to become a father. Could you please tell about the options available to me?
Congratulations on your brave decision to be a single […]

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Breaking a lease is breaking the law, know your rights as a lessee
We signed a contract with an owner to move on August 1st, and the deposit was paid the day before. At 3pm, he told our real estate agent […]

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Animals at home means better life

Dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, parrots, fishes, turtles… Those who have animals at home certainly know some of the benefits that living with another form of life involves and, in recent years, even several scientific research has confirmed the positive impact […]

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Bear this in Mind

Endangered species and conservation laws for Vietnam

I recently overheard someone shouted, “I accidentally ate pangolin meat!” He ate pangolin meat without knowing what a pangolin was and that it is an endangered species and trading it is illegal. This sad story made […]

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Drive Safely

Hi Antoine,
I’m a student from the EU traveling in Southeast Asia. I am going to spend a few months in Vietnam and will be driving amotorbike throughout my trip. Do you have any advice in case I have a road […]

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Rules to Live (And Save) By

I’ve highlighted 10 easy financial planning principles to guide expats to their financial goals.

Don’t downgrade your lifestyle when you retire. Aim to earn at least as much as you do now, adjusted for inflation
We often find that folks are willing to compromise with future earnings and […]

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Installing Blinds and Shades: How to Measure Properly

Installing Blinds and Shades: How to Measure Properly

So, you’re decided on a style of window treatments for your home. Now it’s time to order them! The first step before doing so is to properly measure the area they are going […]

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Rooms Available

I’m from Spain and have been working over the past years here with the purpose of starting a hostel close to Pho Nha Ke Bang natural reserve. What company structure would best suit this business and what steps should I take to […]

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