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The Lady in the Hat

Once upon a time when a deluge of rain was falling, there descended from the sky a giant woman wearing on her head four huge round leaves as large as the sky itself and stitched together by bamboo sticks. The leaves protected humankind, then still naked, from […]

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Girls’ Night Out

There is nothing better than launching into the weekend rolling deep with your best girl pack, sans the shackles of the patriarchy and the bros. It’s time to get in sync, it’s time to vibe, and it’s time to hang with your gal pals with a swipe […]

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The Earth Song

Behind every Kaia design is a story… And we are the storytellers…

The story of subtle and delicate vibes of nature, where natural feelings can be evoked by the graceful silhouette of a leaf, by the curves of a body and by the harmony of the Earth […]

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Dressed to Celebrate

Most Vietnamese people wear new clothes to celebrate Tet to promote a fresh beginning to the year. Although Western-style outfts are more convenient for daily chores, the traditional tunic reappears each Tet. These tunics add to the festival’s formal atmosphere. Long ago city ladies had their ao dais […]

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The Origin of a Story

From fabric to dye and sewer to wearer, the story behind fashion and eco label Metiseko is a tapestry of culture, beauty and heart
Do you know how the clothes you’re wearing right now were made? More specifically, do you know […]

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Borderless Chic

SansBorne Saigon is a boutique fashion brand that embraces a rock chic attitude. They offer a full range of womenswear, using mainly the materials that are made in their own factories. Each piece starts from the beginning, from the cotton […]

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Adventure Awaits

One of the most important things a traveler can find is the perfect backpack. Like any great travel companion, your pack will be with you through all of your adventures—near, far, urban, outdoors—so you want to make sure that it […]

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To Have & To Hold

The best bags are a little bit of everything at once: They are trendy, but also timeless, with roomy enough to carry everyday essentials—wallet, phone, lipstick, etc. Since its founding in 2010, Ponagar Handmade Leather ( set out to marry […]

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Love Is In The Air

Sometimes a designer presents a collection that makes you lose the cool adult exterior you’ve spent years refining and melt in a puddle of white lace, big bows and obsession. That’s exactly what happened when designer Adrian Anh Tuan’s Romance […]

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A Leather Lifestyle

Most of the time, a bag is just… a bag. But in those rare instances, a bag transcends functionality and becomes a piece of art. Founded by Huyen Nguyen in 2008, “NE-YUH For Her” and “CINCINATI For Him” combine the […]

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