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A Seaside Escape

Beyond the oil rigs and tourist traps, there’s another side of Vung Tau worth exploring

Vung Tau is a place I’d brushed over in the past and mentally scratched off the list. So when asked to return and give it another […]

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Mekong Mania

With its meandering waterways and flourishing farms, the Mekong Delta is a place not to be missed

The Mekong Delta is a maze of rivers, arroyos and canals, providing a much calmer alternative to transport than the roads. This complex network spirals […]

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The Roof of Indochina

An easy 20-minute cable car ride versus an arduous two-day trek to Mt. Fansipan

I was wiping the sweat off my brow, scanning the jungle canopy we had just broken through, when the old Australian took his first fall. Seventy-two-year-old Will […]

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The Deep North

In an ever-shrinking world, Ha Giang, with its uniquely preserved tribal culture, is one of those rare places that hasn’t been corralled by modernity or prepackaged for visitors

The sound of crunching stones underfoot was almost deafening as we hiked up the steep gravel […]

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In Transit

In Hong Kong, that most cosmopolitan of cities, contrasts and energy abound


It’s neither here nor there. Sure, you can find it on the map, tucked under the chin of China, islands dangling like so many stray hairs or crumbs. […]

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The Pacific Neverland

Oregon’s thousands of acres of vast evergreen forest remain refreshingly untamed

Oregon  is on fire. When we cross into the state from the southwest border beneath Steens Mountain, technically, we are the first vehicle to respond. We pass by the […]

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Hue Away

The Glory of the Former Imperial Capital Still Resonates Long After You’ve Left the City

I remember everything

I remember it took six steps to cross the balcony to lean on the white ledge to look across the river and through […]

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Ho Tram Kite Festival

The First-Ever Ho Tram Kite Festival

To celebrate the New Year, The Grand Ho Tram Strip will host the Ho Tram Kite Festival on  January 1 & 2, 2016. The skies will be full of vibrant colors and unique designs crafted by talented […]

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La Isla Bonita

Welcome to the beach capital of the Philippines

There’s oohing and ahhing as the island comes into view from the windows of our twin-prop plane swooping in to land. We pass wind turbines and postcard- perfect waters. “Mate, that’s beautiful, that’s […]

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  • Coastal road on Con Dao's south side  - Image by James Pham-53 (OiVietNam_3N)

The Island of Heroes

From Hell to Heaven on Con Dao

“Con Dao is an island of heroes, a great historical monument… It will be the property of the people and an invaluable asset for many generations,” declared General Secretary Le Duan on visiting the […]

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