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Hue Away

The Glory of the Former Imperial Capital Still Resonates Long After You’ve Left the City

I remember everything

I remember it took six steps to cross the balcony to lean on the white ledge to look across the river and through […]

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Walking Beijing

Exploring one of the world’s greatest cities on foot

It’s been called by many names: Jicheng when it was first known to be settled more than 3,000 years ago; Zhuojun, the northern terminus of the 1,776 km- long Grand Canal; Dadu, […]

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Ho Tram Kite Festival

The First-Ever Ho Tram Kite Festival

To celebrate the New Year, The Grand Ho Tram Strip will host the Ho Tram Kite Festival on  January 1 & 2, 2016. The skies will be full of vibrant colors and unique designs crafted by talented […]

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La Isla Bonita

Welcome to the beach capital of the Philippines

There’s oohing and ahhing as the island comes into view from the windows of our twin-prop plane swooping in to land. We pass wind turbines and postcard- perfect waters. “Mate, that’s beautiful, that’s […]

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The Island of Heroes

From Hell to Heaven on Con Dao

“Con Dao is an island of heroes, a great historical monument… It will be the property of the people and an invaluable asset for many generations,” declared General Secretary Le Duan on visiting the […]

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Savage Island

Discover the Remotest Polynesian Island

There are destinations in this world where everyone wants to go (Paris, Tahiti, hopefully Saigon) and those only good for the bragging value of having been somewhere hard to find but worth the effort. Niue falls […]

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Laidback Lombok

Long overshadowed by Bali, the equally idyllic island of Lombok is quickly becoming the preferred destination for discerning travelers

Wanting to escape the polluted and congested streets of Kuta – Bali’s main tourist hub – our taxi driver takes us to […]

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Colorful Colorado

There was a time when Colorado was the Wild West and that spirit stays alive today

Colorado is for the hale and hearty. A place where the elderly boisterously mock passing 4×4s and reminisce about their skills on VW Bugs; where […]

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Journey to Jaffna

A region once ravaged by strife is now one of Sri Lanka’s must-see destinations

I’m on the mail train to Jaffna, my head stuck out the window with repeated clacking of the rails, sway of the carriage and unstoppable motion into […]

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Cape Chicken, Colombia

Swap clouds for clear skies, noise for silence and streets for sand at the northernmost point of South America

Pull out a map of the world, find South America, put a finger on the northernmost tip of Colombia – this is […]

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