Peaceful Moments

Growing up, I was always curious about how photographers captured the images they did and how they brought the subjects to life. This curiosity turned into a passion for taking photos when I was in my 20s and then into a career.



When I embarked on my first overseas holiday through Asia, the people and the places really struck a chord with me – I wanted to capture and hold onto the memories. One destination that has really grabbed a hold of me is Japan. On one hand, a place so steeped in tradition, with beautiful temples and natural wonders and on the other, a modern powerhouse full of sprawling cities, flashing lights and technological marvels.



Looking through the lens I am often drawn into the peace and tranquility of this side of Japan and I always hope my images portray this, drawing the viewer into the subject and allowing them to experience that same peaceful moment.

Japan never ceases to amaze me – it is always changing so I find something new to shoot every time I visit.




Bio: Andre Paul currently lives and works in Southeast Asia with his wife, renowned makeup artist Claire Schultz. He specializes in photo shoots for luxury hotels and resorts, restaurants, tourism campaigns and commercial brands. To view more of his work, visit www.andrepaul-

Images by Andre Paul

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  1. These photos are the most beautiful I have ever seen. My Father was an artist, a potter, an actor , opera singer Etc–so I have been around excellent Art in all forms all my life and yours is soooo Beautiful !!


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