Colonial Class

Romantic landscapes for newlyweds or those looking to get hitched.

For travel-lovers, a honeymoon or wedding is the perfect opportunity to build the ideal trip. Whether you’re after a ‘fly and flop’ sort of honeymoon recovery or a once in a lifetime wedding, we explore some of the tempting destinations here in Vietnam.


Set amongst the rolling hills and pine trees that Dalat is famous for, Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa is truly a magical destination for any wedding or honeymoon. Comprised of 17 fully restored luxury French colonial villas from the 1920s and 1930s, each villa consists of between three and six en-suited rooms, and includes spacious shared lounge areas and dining rooms, outdoor terraces and sitting areas and even open fireplaces for those chilly Dalat nights (select villas).


Romance finds form at Ana Mandara, whether it be a traditional Vietnamese wedding or a Western-style one by the secluded pool. Let Ana Mandara take care of all the wedding arrangements, including in-room champagne, daily herbal treatments, a custom wedding cake, fresh flowers for the bride and groom as well as for the ceremony and reception, a romantic dinner and very special wedding gifts.


After the big day, couples can explore the town with a 45-minute sightseeing tour by vintage car, and unwind with a 60-minute couples massage at La Cochinchine Spa, housed in its own villa with five treatment rooms providing extraordinary views across Dalat’s picturesque landscapes. The sprawling, impeccably manicured property with its mini golf pad amidst exotic flora and fauna simply invites long, romantic walks.


Couples booking a wedding package for more than 100 guests will enjoy a complimentary night’s stay with breakfast and a spa package, ensuring the most memorable of occasions.

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