Cam Ranh Riviera Beach resort and spa opens

A new luxury resort has opened on the waterfront in Cam Ranh, near Nha Trang. Located on 10-hectares of prime real estate and overlooking a 200 meter wide private beach on the Pacific Ocean, Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa had a soft opening last month. The first phase of the resort features 70 pool villas … Read more

Live! at the InterContinental’s Champagne Brunch

There are some words in the English language that when said aloud can make you physically cringe. The New Yorker said the runaway un-favorite was “moist” along with “slacks” and “actually”. Time Magazine proposed “twerk”, “om nom nom nom” and “feminist” (for which it later apologized) among words that should be banned in 2015. On … Read more

Tablet teacher: how tech is changing education

Michael Arnold considers the culture clash between the television generation and today’s tablet generation… In a recent article warning parents about the evils of modern technology, an elderly doctor writes about a father who had brought his son in for a check-up. The doctor examined the child and pronounced that he had a chest infection. He was … Read more