Troi Oi – March 2016

The country in numbers: 12,456 businesses shutdown in January, according to The General Statistics Office. Economist Pham Chi Lan said private businesses in Vietnam are operating under too much pressure and estimated the government takes 40.8 percent of their profits through taxes and various fees, leaving little to reinvest in development and training. “They can … Read more

Not For Sale

Tackling human trafficking in Vietnam Vietnam’s rapid economic growth has masked long-standing problems of human trafficking, child labor and the illegal sex trade. Organizations such as Pacific Links Foundation are addressing these issues through education, training and the creation of a positive socio-economic narrative. Pacific Links was formed in 2001 by a group of Vietnamese-Americans … Read more


Why Korea’s national cuisine has yet to make it on the world stage When South Korea’s former first lady Kim Yoon-ok made it her personal mission to bring Hansik – the cuisine of Korea – to global prominence, it seemed like a great idea. Following on from her relatively successful efforts to introduce the delicacies … Read more