Hawaii Shidler Executive MBA

The world-class AACSB-accredited program in Vietnam

Applying To Vietnam Executive MBA (VEMBA)

Since 2001, this AACSB-accredited Executive MBA has been offered in Hanoi and extended to Ho Chi Minh City in 2007. VEMBA has literally moved its graduates to the next level. Many of its alumni steadily move up to C-level positions or assume bigger responsibilities in successful companies at all levels—large and small, domestic and international. More graduates now hold senior management positions in top Asian cities, from Hong Kong to Singapore, from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. The number of new start-ups created or enabled by our VEMBA entrepreneurs has continued to rise.

The VEMBA business education goal is to promote the concept of wealth creation through leadership training and teamwork. With a flexible schedule that allows full-time executives to complete one of the most rigorous MBA programs in the country, the 48-creditrich program is carefully designed to provide you with relevant knowledge and critical decision-making tools for changing times. Another VEMBA feature is the capstone consultancy practicum. Students are required to create a consulting company and practice scientific management under the coaching of a team of faculty and experienced entrepreneurs.

The VEMBA professors are seasoned instructors, all educated from top doctoral programs in their respective academic disciplines and active in research. As such, they bring the latest knowledge to the classroom. Also, thanks to the reputation as the leading Executive MBA program in Vietnam, the University of Hawaii has been able to attract award-winning professors from UC Berkeley, Cambridge, Colorado, Denver, Columbia, Illinois, Chicago, San Francisco, UCLA and Wisconsin Madison, and other prestigious institutions to supplement its core faculty.

Teaching Faculty

All classes are taught in Vietnam by University of Hawaii’s faculty who travel to Vietnam to deliver their instruction and course material face-to-face. Most have spent years researching, teaching and consulting in the Asia-Pacific region. Their training and real-world focus assures students of a high quality educational experience that graduates will use right away to enhance their job performance and career. In addition to bringing their own professional business expertise and distinguished academic credentials to the classes that they teach, our faculty use a variety of teaching techniques including case analyses, simulations, notable guest speakers, and integrated technology to supplement their students’ understanding.

Alumni Testimonials

Ha Thi Thu Thanh

CEO, Deloitte Vietnam

Class of 2003

“Education and learning business has always been of prime importance in my life. Being the CEO of Deloitte Vietnam, the largest auditing firm in Vietnam, it has indeed been a rewarding challenge for me to balance my work, my family and the Executive MBA program with University of Hawaii. As I view this, I have improved on my skills and knowledge to work in a global environment. The knowledge of professors combined with the experiences of my classmates, who happen to be not only Vietnamese but also many expatriates, has helped me manage my business more effectively & efficiently. The pursuit of an MBA requires lots of time and patience. If you have these, then don’t miss the chance to get a world-class, well-acclaimed, AACSB-accredited MBA program right at your doorstep with the University of Hawaii at Manoa.”

Huynh Buu Quang

CEO, Maritime Bank

Class of 2011

“My 2-year experience with the University of Hawaii’s Executive MBA program was undoubtedly one of the best periods in my life. It gave me chances to meet with wonderful people, both local and global, gain up-to-date and world class international best practices and know-how in various aspects of management techniques / philosophies and explore new things which I had never had the opportunity to do prior to joining this program. I could apply concepts and experiences acquired from the program into my daily job and life, almost instantly. The best part of all is the friendships I developed during the 2-year journey, which has extended well beyond completion of the program. It has more than paid off!”

Jonathan Moreno

General Director, Medovations Vietnam

Class of 2013

“Like many of my classmates, we entered the program with a desire to gain knowledge, skills, and ultimately the degree. I entered the program with expectations based on more than 10 years of exploring MBA programs in the US and around the world. The bottom-line: my experience exceeded my expectations. First, we were not only taught by professors from an excellent University, we had the best professors from the University of Hawaii. Second, the skills we learned will enable us to compete and win in the global economy. Third, the relationships/connections forged with my classmates have definitely been a highlight.” For more info, visit www.shidler.hawaii.edu/vietnam

Hawaii Shidler Vietnam Executive MBA Advantages


The University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business is renowned for its expertise in international management and ranked among the top 25 graduate schools in the US for international business by U.S. News & World Report.



This is the only AACSB-accredited MBA program in Vietnam, which assures a high-quality, relevant, and internationally-recognized MBA.


All classes are taught by world-class faculty with hands-on experience from the University of Hawaii and selected universities in the US. Our faculty use a variety of interactive teaching formats and methods designed to engage and challenge experienced business leaders.


Our students are from different countries with diverse professional backgrounds and solid work experience.


A pioneer among US business schools in international business, the University of Hawaii distinguishes itself with its focus on the Asia-Pacific Region.


Students are challenged to solve complex business problems in a global environment, apply strong analytical and strategic thinking to multifaceted business issues, and to develop sophisticated management skills.


There are nearly 30,000 University of Hawaii Shidler College of Business Alumni living in 40 countries around the world, including a senior alumni network across Vietnam.


Executive MBA classes are conveniently scheduled in the evening and on weekends to allow busy professionals to attend class and continue working full-time.


Thanks to the school donor, Mr. Jay Shidler, the tuition fees of the Shidler Executive MBA program in Vietnam are substantially subsidized, USD23,040 compared to USD49,500 for the same program in Hawaii.


Students may like to take up to two elective courses during the Summer terms in Hawaii.

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