The Mother of All Things

My career as a travel photographer is underpinned by a fascination with ancient religious rituals, ceremonies and festivals still observed and practiced around the world, and it is this core fascination that steers my image-making, and provides context to many of the photographic expeditions workshops I organize and lead. It was on such a photo expedition in … Read more

Got Milk?

Breastfeeding in Vietnam was not what she expected “This baby feeds from his mother’s milk,” I answered in my newly acquired language. Stepping out with a newborn in Vietnam, I had expected the typical questions to be “Boy or girl?” or “How old?” But what I heard was very different: “No Breastfeeding!” Local friends, waitresses, … Read more

Haute Jewelry

Mischelle Thuy White on living her life through gemstones Throughout the rise of civilization itself, nothing has been more consistently definitive of luxury, wealth, and power than the gemstone. Today, precious stones have just as much gravity and desirability as they did in eras past—and those who dedicate their creative output to perfecting nature’s most … Read more

Tickled Pink Party

Text by Roisin Murray On October 27th, the 24th floor of the ABTower was taken over by a sea of pink, all in honor of promoting breast cancer awareness. The event was organized by financial planning company Globaleye, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Network Vietnam. Complete with pink cocktails and pink party favors, … Read more