It’s A Hard Rock Life

With a self-professed alternative style and a love of tattoos, jewelry and accessories designer Jérôme Peschard is clearly very inspired by the rock generation. “I don’t want to grow up. I still think I’m 18 at the time of hard rock,” he chuckles. “The spirit of our brand, Iron & Oil, is that wanting to be somebody else is wasting the person that you are.”


Jérôme started Iron & Oil (Facebook: Iron & Oil “Luxury jewel and Accessories for Rock’men) when saw a demand for unorthodox jewelry for artists, musicians and rock lovers like himself. “Young people in Vietnam want to wear different things because lots of products are all of the same style. I want to make something a bit different. It’s a risk, but I prefer it.” He cites Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and The Who amongst some of his biggest influences, and this love of heavy metal has obviously permeated his designs. A recurring image found in his accessories collection is the skull, emphasizing the hard rock and metalhead style that’s synonymous with the music genre. But the skull doesn’t represent death says Jérôme, “The skull is a reminder that life is short, so you have to live it really well.”


Living, and looking, well with Iron & Oil accessories can set you back anywhere from USD200-USD2,000. “We only use full silver sterling, never alloy. We also use 18 carat gold, pink gold and white gold,” says Jérôme. The first week of December will also see the brand expand to rock-inspired t-shirts with their signature skull design on the front.




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