In The Mood For Love

As it turns out, Belinda Carlisle was right: Heaven really is a place on earth. At least, that’s how it feels about this spa

Enter the spa at The Reverie Saigon (22 – 36 Nguyen Hue, D1 & 57 – 69F Dong Khoi, D1) and you are transported to a world of nourishing opulence. As the only 6-star hotel in Vietnam, The Reverie Saigon name is synonymous with sophisticated luxury, however, what you might not know is that The Spa is dedicated to using as many natural products as possible. The treatments feature the British organic brand Ila, and Voya from Ireland. They go to great lengths to bring you the most therapeutic natural ingredients, be it wild Irish seaweed or rose essence distilled by farmers in the Himalayas. The Spa at The Reverie Saigon pairs their excellent treatments with gorgeous Italian décor and cutting-edge spa technology, creating an experience that is luxurious at every turn.

01 - The Reverie Saigon - The Spa - Reception

The best way to experience everything The Spa has to offer was for me to book their 3-hour Origin of Love package. It began with a limousine car arriving at my home. Before I was whisked off, The Spa Manager, Hoang, presented me with a large bouquet of roses and orchids. As we rode, she told me that the hotel’s in-house florist has blooms flown in from other countries to craft the perfect bouquet. Even the car was decorated with a fresh orchid, next to the refreshing towels and water bottles.

Inside the spa reception area, the floral theme continued with a huge white flower on the ceiling. The carpet was another flower, but dusky pink. I sipped on a welcome drink, and filled out a thorough questionnaire on my massage preferences. Out the window, boats slipped by on the river.

06 - The Reverie Saigon - The Spa - Manicure & Pedicure Salon

The spa recommends you arrive 45 minutes before your treatment, so that you can make the most of their steam room and sauna. I started with the steam room, which is scented with purifying eucalyptus, and bathed in the soft glow of color therapy lights. The patented Air Steam System ensures that the heat and humidity are perfectly distributed. Next I entered the Salt Sauna. One wall is made of pink Himalayan salt, and the ions it gives off are said to boost circulation and aid the immune system. Afterwards, I rinsed off in the Experience Shower, which combines a rain shower, lights and scented oil. The Reverie Saigon pays absolute attention to detail. Everything was perfectly clean, and even the spa underwear was presented in a silk box. The spa occupies two floors, which are connected by a dramatic spiral staircase covered in a mosaic of gold vines. The mosaic was designed by Sicis of Italy, whose work can also be seen in the Bellagio and the Burj Al Arab. The first floor contains the spa reception, and separate men’s and women’s steam and sauna facilities. The second floor has 10 private treatment rooms and a beauty salon.

In my private room, the bed was covered in candles and rose petals spelling out my name. Just as I considered running back for my phone to take a picture, my massage therapist offered to take a picture and send it to me. All the rooms have Bluetooth connectivity so you can even listen to your own music.

05 - The Reverie Saigon - The Spa - Treatment Room

After a relaxing foot soak, I lay down on the 400-thread count sheets for an herb-infused hot compress to relieve muscle tension. Next up was a body scrub using a natural blend of ingredients with ginger, honey and sugar. It smelled good enough to eat, and left my skin renewed. After a quick shower in the adjoining private bathroom, it was time for an amazing massage with a custom blend of aromatherapy oils. I chose the rose-scented Romance, because my spa package had me thinking about love. Just as I felt like drifting away into a rosy reverie, the massage changed to a rejuvenating facial with Ila’s organic products.

When I finally emerged, from the treatment room, it was to a table set with caviar, smoked salmon, fruit and chocolate. A bottle of champagne popped, and I settled into a regal chair to enjoy.

The Origin of Love (180 minutes) for one is VND8.8 million (VND10.9 million with limo pickup). The Origin of Love (180 minutes) for two is VND12 million (VND14.1 million with limo pickup).

Images Provided by The Reverie Saigon

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