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Must-try dishes at Ngoc Chau Garden

Serving up fresh and traditional Vietnamese fare since September 2015, Ngoc Chau Garden (116 Ho Tung Mau, D1) is a centrally located gem in District 1, just a stone’s throw from Nguyen Hue. The extensive menu (with almost 100 dishes) is loaded with local favorites, ranging from Vietnamese Grilled Pork Patties With Citronella (a signature dish of the Royal Capital in Hue) to fan favorite Ngoc Chau Garden Pork Ribs, that draws a healthy mix of locals and foreigners who seek a relaxing environment. The menu and decor reflect Vietnam’s countryside where the space is distinguished by its vintage window shutters crisscrossing the walls, which are made from mud and straw with oil lamps and old photos hanging from them—giving the restaurant a charming, homely atmosphere.


The Vietnamese Grilled Pork Patties With Citronella (VND110,000) is ground meat rolled around a citronella stem then baked and accompanied with different kinds of herb, rice paper and a peanut sauce made especially for the dish. Another must-order when dining here is the NC Pork Ribs (VND110,000), the restaurant’s chef created the recipe (the ribs are rubbed with honey and secret seasoning before roasting). The results are soft, sweet ribs that are tender and juicy. Just as delicious as the food are their drinks: Lemongrass tea (VND35,000) and Peach tea (VND45,000), both cold and refreshing. Ngoc Chau Garden is an unpretentious, authentic Vietnamese restaurant serving simple family style food.

Oi Vietnam -Nov 2017_Ngoc Chau garden__DSC0767_NT

Text Provided by Ngoc Chau Garden

Images by Ngoc Tran

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