ISHCMC Secondary Campus Celebrates New Facility with Grand Opening Ceremony

ISHCMC Secondary Students from the school’s talented music department entertained guests with musical performances during the Opening Ceremony. The ISHCMC Senior Jazz Band performed Walking on Sunshine, ISHCMC Grade 10 pianist, Dinh Anh Truong played Moment Musicaux No. 6 and the ISHCMC Grade 9 and 12 traditional Vietnamese Drumming Troupe opened the celebration.

Guests also visited the MYP Personal Project Exhibition where the Grade 10 students presented their personal projects which articulated their IB Middle Years Program journey. These projects are a culmination of the skills developed throughout the school’s comprehensive International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

Attendees were also invited to tour the new ISHCMC Secondary Campus. New facilities include 34 classrooms, a state-of-the professional theater with adjoining black boxes, rooftop sports field, science laboratories with an adjoining Community Garden, an iLearn Center, Recording Studio and Music Practice Rooms, Vietnam’s first Innovation Center, Fitness Suites, Outdoor Multi-Purpose Courts and an 8-lane, 25m Swimming Pool.

Adrian Watts, Head of School at ISHCMC shared the vision of the ISHCMC Secondary Campus at the opening: “The campus is built with an eye to the future needs of students and their learning. It has been designed to allow ISHCMC to continue adjusting its systems and pedagogies and creating a new educational model that will prepare students to be resilient, flexible and successful in their futures. There are endless spaces for collaboration, sharing of thinking and encouraging student creativity. There are spaces for students to develop as artists, musicians, actors and sportsmen and sportswomen. Areas have been designed to support student learning at all levels from a progressive and innovative media center to learning support and wellness suites for intellectual, social, and emotional development. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for students to develop their own personal learning pathways throughout their school life.”



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