Troi Oi! November 2018

102.000 Vietnamese laborers were sent to work abroad in the first nine months of this year, according to the Vietnam Labor Export Association. Around 96,800 people went to work in Northeast Asia. Taiwan continues to be the largest market for Vietnamese migrant workers with 47,700, followed by Japan with 44,000. Meanwhile, only 930 laborers were in Southeast Asian nations. The five largest markets of Vietnamese labor are Taiwan, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Romania and Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs aims to send 111,000 workers abroad by the end of this year. Last year, over 134,700 laborers were sent abroad.


11172 cars were imported in the first nine months of 2018, up 5,142 units from the same period last year, according to the General Department of Vietnam Customs. Of the total, more than 10,800 were imported from Thailand and Indonesia. The remainder came from Japan, the US and Germany. Cars with nine Located in Thao Dien At or fewer seats shipped to ports in Ho Chi Minh City accounted for more than 51 percent of the total imported to Vietnam. Of these smaller vehicles, 93.5 percent came from Southeast Asian countries and benefited from the regional import duty exemption, in line with the ASEAN countries’ commitments to lower tariffs from 2018. It is predicted that tens of imported auto models will enter the Vietnamese market in the last months of this year, including Mitsubishi Xpander, Mazda BT 50, Ford Everest, Toyota Wigo and Honda HR-V.

Troi Oi

11.000 Vietnamese women have breast cancer annually, and over 4,500 of them die of the disease annually. Medical experts say early diagnosis and detection is very important in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, especially for older women. To raise people’s awareness of breast cancer, Cho Ray Hospital will provide free screenings of breast cancer for women over 40 years old from October 12 to November 23 as part of the program “Breast cancer screening at the age of 40.” Patients will receive an examination, breast scan and mammography. Additionally, talks and consultations will be included in the program.


USD1.6 billion expressway deteriorates after rain. Many potholes have appeared on the Danang-Quang Ngai Expressway just a short time after being put into operation, however, investors claimed that the damage was caused by rain and not low construction quality. Many clusters of five to 10 potholes were mostly found along the road from Tam Ky to Danang City. The authorities are still monitoring other sections. Three possible causes include heavy trucks, diesel leaks and rainfall. The traffic volume has increased from 2,000 to 6,000 vehicles a day since the road was opened to traffic. The project is guaranteed for two years so the contractors will cover the repair cost.


1.508 trillion Symphony-Opera-Ballet Theater in Thu Thiem New Urban Area in District 2 has been approved. According to the proposal, the new opera house is designed to meet international standards and is expected to have a spacious hall capable of accommodating 1,200 guests and a smaller hall with a capacity of 500 people. The Construction Investment Management Board, under the Department of Culture and Sports, will be the owner of the project, which is slated for completion in 2022. The HCMC government said the construction of the venue was aimed at meeting the art demands of over 10 million people and millions of foreigners. The theater is expected to become a new cultural symbol of the city.



USD67 million school milk program to launch during the 2018-2020 period. The program is aimed to improve child nutrition at kindergartens and primary schools. Around 84% of interviewed parents support the program. Children will be provided with a 180ml box of milk from Monday to Friday. Children from poor families, or those living near the poverty line, will receive the milk for free. Other children will have to pay half the costs with the city subsidizing 30% and milk suppliers 20%. At present, a 180ml milk box is priced at VND7,000 on average. To date, roughly 346,141 preschool and 151,000 primary children have registered to participate in the program.


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