Across Asia Youth Film Festival

Founded in 2017, the AAYFF gives emerging filmmakers from schools and institutions from around Asia the chance to reach a broad audience, and also generate conversations on their independent films. This year the third Across Asia Youth Film Festival (AAYFF) will be held at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) in Vietnam, after Singapore hosted the first two editions.

David Procter, AAYFF’s founder, believes this move presents a great opportunity for both the festival and the country. “I’m really excited that the AAYFF has moved to Vietnam, where it can take in the rich culture of one of the most rapidly developing countries in Asia,” he said.

AAYFF 2019 TIcket (19)

“The festival has already seen a number of winning films from students in Vietnam, but I’m looking forward to seeing more submissions from the country this year. The AAYFF also provides a wonderful opportunity for the media and film industry in Vietnam to get involved with supporting youth film.” AAYFF also focuses on making local connections in the host country, which Procter hopes to achieve with this year’s edition. “It was very useful for the founding hosts, Tanglin Trust School, to have Disney, Lucasfilm, Mediacorp and HBO as neighbours in Singapore, but given how the Vietnamese film industry is blossoming, it will be exciting to see what connections can be made in HCMC,” he shared. (18) (17)

For the 2019 edition, the festival will be joining with HBO who has been a loyal supporter of the AAYFF and young filmmakers. Canon will also join as a supporter of this year’s festival in Vietnam. Young filmmakers will have the exclusive opportunity to join workshops run by professionals within the industry on Saturday 20th April, hosted at ISHCMC’s state-of-the-art Secondary campus. An Oscar-themed gala event will be hosted in the evening to honor short-listed films with the filmmakers and their families.

The gala event is open to all filmmakers and the community who would like to experience the AAYFF. You can reserve your place by emailing the team at

Learn more about the Across Asia Youth Film Festival at

International School Ho Chi Minh City

Secondary Campus

1 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien Ward, D2, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel +84(28) 3898 9100

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