Opening of WeCare International Preschool

Happy news for parents in district 2 HCMC! Starting 30th of March, there is one more place for parents to consider sending their kids to. offers classes for kids from 18 months old to 6 years old with full time programs from 8am – 3pm, Monday to Friday. WeCare is open to new enrollment now with discount promotions.

Designed by Out-2 Design, the facility is divided into different rooms such as the Quiet room, the Sensory room and the Art room.


The backdrop behind the reception counter was inspired by the idea of a waterfall, with the color gradient from light to dark blue; similar to the nature of education; giving passion/ knowledge/ care/ experience through generations, combined with that is the opposing wall where you can see a strong line dividing shades of blue depicting a mountain (with a sleeping fox) and cloudy light to appear as a floating space “up in the air“.

The seating nook on the right hand represents wood and trees.

The sofa and seating platform makes the reception feel like a homely & lively space where kids can wait for parents and run around.

Transition area is the corridor of the meeting rooms with a lower ceiling level with another seating nook with stools and a coffee table to give the feel of a living room, which can also be used as a workshop room/ therapy room.

Shared space where children are the owner (18)

All the doors and the facilities area are designed to fit small kids. There are 12 classes and zig-zag shaped corridors for kids to run around, to be active and to have more fun. A central area connects all corridors where natural light is used as much as possible. Wooden texture and off-white color is used to minimize the easy-to-get-dirty of a pure white color wall.

Below the stairs is a hanging nook in the shape of an egg, with a curving landscape, a small country house at the back and a little tree, to create a peaceful homely feeling. (17)

The mezzanine was created to double the space for offices/ storage and create the effect of height. Walking below it, there is a small village of dwarfs with further seating nooks. This space is also meant for parents to see the school facilities through windows. (20)

You can visit WeCare at the Vista, 628c Xa Lo Ha Noi, An Phu, District 2.

For more inquiries, you can call 028 73002990 or 0906870690 or email

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