Serenity Through Art, Service and Indochine Style

Saigon’s Newest Boutique Luxury Resort

Two digits. not so long ago, Saigon wasn’t such a tangled frenzy of motorbike horns, construction projects, international commerce and tourist activity as attested to by the length of phone numbers here less than a century ago. The two-digit office listing found on the first page of a Saigon magazine alludes to this quieter time period. Thankfully, a sense of this serenity still exists for visitors to the metropolis. Mia Saigon, the city’s newest boutique luxury resort serves as an oasis for travelers exhausted by travel thanks to its one-ofa-kind art collection, original Indochine decor, exemplary service and variety of dining options.

The referenced magazine has miraculously remained intact for decades and guests can now marvel at it during a stay at Mia Saigon. It is one of the dozens of original pieces that constitute five different collections at the hotel. Magazines, book covers, stamps, first day of issue postage sheets and propaganda posters all provide unique glimpses into the Vietnamese history, aesthetics, politics, and preoccupations during the middle of the 20th Century. They are available on each of the hotel’s main five floors so everyone can enjoy them alongside information that provides context. Moreover, every room contains an original piece from each collection.

The hotel’s passionate desire to share fine Vietnamese art doesn’t end there, however. Masterpieces hang throughout the hotel, including a painting by Vietnam’s most valuable artist, Le Pho, two from famous Bui Xuan and selections of Chu Dau pottery. Antique coffee equipment adorns surfaces in the dining room while a variety of teapots and cups that reveal the graceful elegance that was achieved by artisans working with nothing but simple coal fires. In addition to promoting the nation’s artists, the hotel’s Vietnamese owners believe in championing local craftsman and thus every piece of furniture in the 35 spacious rooms and 17 lavish suites, from carefully polished lacquer to elegant light fixtures to indulgent pillows, are handmade in Vietnam and custom designed to adhere to the graceful Indochine aesthetic. In addition to selections from each art collection, the rooms also contain unique pieces of Vietnamese ceramics that date back hundreds of years and were only recently retrieved from a sunken ship. They serve as perfect compliments to the rooms that are each swathed in a shade inspired by a different precious jewel or gemstone.

Before one notices the details and subtle colonial style permeating the premises, one will be stunned by the view. Upon first arriving at Mia Saigon, guests get a terrific glimpse at the placid Saigon River slipping past the hotel. Each room features a private balcony from which to watch coconut-laden barges glide up it while sipping on an espresso or sampling a full breakfast brought in by a private butler. For a truly transcendent experience, the large windowed doors can be completely opened to transform the entire room or suite into an open-air space.

Of course, no number of rare paintings or breathtaking scenes can stand in for service and here Mia Saigon excels. With the motto “No is not in our vocabulary” the staff’s greatest concern is catering to the unique and specific needs of each guest. Whether that means offering recommendations for the hippest dining spot, shopping boutique or art gallery in the area, procuring special sundries, or simply offering a greeting and smile, their aim is to make visitor’s feel at home because travel is an exhausting and sterile luxury and anonymous attention quickly becomes stale.

Mia Saigon’s stands out amongst the city’s many luxury hotels because of its location. Nestled into a sleepy stretch of land alongside the river in District 2, it remains close enough to downtown to give easy access to whatever work or play one is interested in, but still rests far enough away to provide a sense of solitude. Venturing beyond the glitzy, metropolitan city center affords visitor’s a look at authentic local city life taking place in small markets and coffee shops, street-food stalls, and fishing docks.

Perhaps the perfect place to enjoy the suburban breeze and quiet air is on the hotel’s roof with a cocktail in hand. Gin on the 8th is Mia Saigon’s bar specializing in imported spirits from around the globe. It makes for the ideal sunset happy hour and apéritif and thankfully a variety of dining options await guests and city-dwellers alike.

Fine dining restaurant, L’Âme, whisks dishes straight from quaint kitchens and elevates them with a variety of premium local and imported ingredients and modern techniques. The Kitchen, a charming riverside standalone, serves modern-style Mediterranean dishes enhanced with Asian flavors and an elaborate selection of cheese and meats but truly shines with the breakfast buffet which features a wide range of dishes hand prepared in front of guests.

The most unique aspect of Mia Saigon’s restaurant options, however, is without question the Visual Dining Experience. As of yet unseen in Vietnam, it relies on advanced audio and video technology to take diners on a gastronomic journey through Vietnam’s rich culinary legacy.

Mia Saigon’s commitment to catering to weary travelers looking to recharge between business meetings or sightseeing extends to their spa. From familiar treatments to exotic offerings like the signature gold-leaf facials that rely on the precious metal’s special healing properties, a visit to the convenient space helps one to truly relax. Like every aspect of the hotel, the spa operates not only with guests’ health in mind but that of the planet. It, therefore, makes every efforts to use environmentally-responsible goods and practices.

While it may take more than two digits to ring Mia Saigon for a reservation (assuming one doesn’t want to use the intuitive website), once there it’s easy to imagine the city when it was that simple. The attentive service, meticulously designed Indochine décor complimented by previously unseen artwork and lavish dining opportunities all ease guests into a fantasy where stress, deadlines, and commotion don’t exist.

We invite you to step into our world where unparalleled personal service, quiet exclusivity and memorable moments are all part of the Mia lifestyle.
From immediately to 30/09/2019, we will offer you preferential prices for the Soft Opening period. Rate starting from VND3.643.000 includes Breakfast, Dinner and other services. For further information or reservations, please contact us at
Phone: +84 (0) 28 628 74 222,
Address: 2-4 Street No. 10, An Phu Ward,
District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

ADVERTORIAL: Images provided by MIA Saigon

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