The Importance That Footwear Plays While Traveling

While you prepare your clothes and gadgets before by sorting the best ones that are Instagram-worthy, it’s also important to remember having a great footwear. Travel adventures include hours of walking, hiking, or climbing, so you have to determine the best footwear to avoid hurting your feet for pure enjoyment during your trip.

Below are the important benefits that footwear provides while you’re traveling both domestically or abroad.

Superior Feet Protection with the Right Choice of Footwear

A traveler should always anticipate the possible events or itinerary, including prolonged walking to see tourist sites, like museums, parks, hills, and nature trips. That’s why wearing the right footwear is important. Protect your feet against rough terrains by investing in shoes with durable and thick footwear, most especially when hiking.

Don’t underestimate the possible walking or other activities you’ll be doing because you might be unfamiliar with the distances and terrains of the places you’ll be going to. Of course, you have to take into account your fashion style and the purpose of your trip, so you can choose the appropriate footwear that matches your wardrobe and your activities.

Here are the different types of shoes that are highly recommended when traveling:

  • All-around Travel Shoes: The best all-around footwear when traveling is a pair of comfortable trainers. Make sure to choose one with a supportive and sturdy sole.

You can use your old trainers or buy a new one in advance so you can wear it a few weeks before your trip. By doing so, your feet have already adjusted to the feel of the shoes, and your trainers are already flexible enough.

  • Compact Smart Shoes: Invest in compact formal shoes for formal events, like a fine dining experience. Women can pack a pair of stylish closed shoes or sandals that can be fit around other travel items in your luggage.

On the other hand, men should keep the shape of their shoes by packing intelligently because formal shoes for men cannot be reduced in size.

  • Sandals, Flip Flops, and Slippers: You’ll need a pair of shoes that are light and comfortable to wear. Instead of bulky sandals, choose flip flops because they’re easier to pack if you’re heading to a warmer destination or to the beach.

If you’ll be going to a cooler place, bringing a pair of slippers or moccasins is a good idea.

Superior Comfort for Your Feet

Foot comfort is a vital factor for a happy trip. Wearing a flimsy pair of shoes can ruin your travel experience. Not to mention it’s also unhealthy because they can cause foot problems, like swelling and damage on the great toe. That’s why you have to take time choosing the right shoes to wear when you’re planning your next trip.

According to an observational study, the choice of footwear significantly affect foot comfort and bring foot problems among women. There were 67 female respondents, and the size and shape measurements of the footwear and dominant foot were taken. They were asked to answer a short questionnaire about the shoe characteristics, reasons for purchasing the shoes, and emotions while wearing them.

Here are the findings of the study:

  • Participants who chose slip-on shoes have a higher prevalence of foot problems.
  • This group wore shoes that are narrower than the width of their feet, which correlates to Hallux Abductovarus (HAV) (a deformity of the joint of the great toe), a common foot problem among women.
  • The results emphasize the importance of individual footwear advice and taking into consideration the width of the shoe for a perfect and comfortable fit.

Ultimate Fun Travel Experience

Enjoy your travels anywhere in the world by choosing and wearing the right footwear. Shoes make a good first impression, allowing you to travel in style.

Don’t allow poorly-designed shoes to impede your fun adventures. As mentioned, foot problems may arise from narrow shoes and shoes with hard interior materials.

Thus, even if they’re quite expensive, it’s best to invest in durable shoes since you’re certain of the quality and comfort they provide. That way, you have more freedom to walk, run, hike, or climb, and attend formal occasions.


Even if it takes so much space, you’ll never regret packing the best footwear in your luggage. Choosing the right footwear for your trip will bring your feet superior protection, comfort, and pure enjoyment.

By intelligently packing your footwear and wardrobe, you’ll be a happy traveler because you’re able to bring the essentials for a safer, healthier, and happier travel experience.

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