Best Progressive Jackpots in the Online Market

There are two types of jackpots on a slot machine, a progressive jackpot and a non progressive jackpot.  A non progressive jackpot is the easy safe option, you are more likely to land a win but the return won’t be life changing but it’s safe and it’s easy and it’s ideal if you just like playing and just almost want to plod. The machine pays out when the machine is ready but has a cap on the maximum payment and nothing will change this regardless of any situation. 

A progressive jackpot slot machine, however, will change your life if you land a win. The more players the more money sits in the jackpot. As each player plays then the jackpot increases and increases and eventually it pays out. You can tallettaa ja pelata kolikkopelit without a cap on the amount it pays out.  Read on to find out the best games to play. 

Mega Moolah

What can be said about Mega Moolah!!! In 2015 British solider Jon Heywood placed a stake of 25p and won £13.2 million!! He had had his online account open for 25 minutes when the win came through. Heywood made the Guinness Book of World Records for his win. The last Mega Moolah payout was a measly £2.8 million! Measly compared to Heywood’s win, of course! 

Jokers Millions

Yggdrasil’s Jokers Millions paid out just under £7 million in November 2018. The game is quite old; it was released in 2015 and has an fairly average Return to Player percentage of 94.3%. The game is a five reel game with twenty five pay lines. It offers a Freeze and Re Spin option, which gives it a little more excitement, and when the player lands five joker symbols then the jackpot pays out. As progressive jackpots go it pays a healthy amount but the main attraction of the game is the fact it is a fairly simple game to play. 

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights, the NetEnt game released in 2005 paid out just under £8 million to one lucky player although the average win is usually around £1.3 million which is still nothing to be sniffed at. The game takes on an Arabian theme and offers the player the chance to land five Arabian symbols to hit the jackpot. The average time of play before the jackpot plays out has been recorded at around eleven weeks across all casinos although NetEnt state its more like twenty four weeks. There is no bonus game in Arabian Nights; however, there are a lot of opportunities to get free spins which, of course, leads the player closer to landing that jackpot. 

Mega Fortune

As the name suggests the idea of the game is to win your Mega Fortune. The game released by NetEnt in January 2009 is still one of the top progressive jackpot slots out there to this day. Within the game there are three different progressive jackpots, Mega, Major and Rapid. Mega Fortune made the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 when it paid out just under £16 million.

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