Will You Buy A Fake Louis Vuitton Merchandise?

Have you ever considered buying a faux Louis Vuitton product? Let’s discuss everything about fake Louis Vuitton today!

Louis Vuitton is a fashion brand renowned worldwide for their luxurious line of handbags, watches, wallets, jewelries, and sunglasses. The process of manufacturing all of these is one that requires a lot of precision and experience from their craftsmen. 

This is why this brand continues to produce some of the best fashion products in the world. The continuous refinement of this brand and their competitive market prices are also results of their meticulous processes. 

However, this has led to the production of imitation Louis Vuitton products due to the inability of many buyers to afford the high prices of their products.

Louis Vuitton replicas very much look like the real products. They are affordable and also have the same Louis Vuitton logo (the reason why many people buy the original products in the first place). But the fake LVs are so good that most times, the only difference with the real product is the value of the items. 

The brand name, Louis Vuitton alone is enough to justify the exorbitant price tags that come with the products. The Louis Vuitton fakes are made in order to offer alternatives for people who love the brand products but can’t afford the huge prices that come with them. 

These replica companies go a long way to master how these handbags and other fashion products are made. Then they make a fake LV product that is so identical to the real thing that it can fool anyone, such as this LV Neverfull replica.

Are Fake Louis Vuitton Products Legal?

This is a valid question as you want to be sure you aren’t in violation of any laws while shopping for a cheap Louis Vuitton imitation. However, there are two school of thoughts on this. 

The first school of thought claims that it’s legal. According to them, although most of the affected companies are lobbying for a change in this, most fashion items like handbags, shoes, and jewelries are not covered by the copyright law.

So, carrying a fake Louis Vuitton around isn’t you carrying an illegal item around. It might just be a knockoff or a copy which isn’t exactly illegal. The only issues you can have from this are ethical issues not legal issues.

It only becomes a legal problem when a seller claims that a Louis Vuitton fake version is the real product. This is counterfeit merchandise and is illegal. It’s a violation of copyright and trademark law. 

The second school of thought believes that it is completely illegal. According to them, if you produce anything as a counterfeit, you’re already in infringement of the maker’s copyright which is completely illegal. Every designer brand has their own trademark that differentiate them from other brands producing similar merchandise. 

This makes it easy for the customers to identify and distinguish the different brands. This school of thought believes that those involved in producing replica products betray the customer’s trust in Louis Vuitton brand by making low quality products which may tarnish the image of the brand.

Benefits of Buying a Faux Louis Vuitton 

  • Fake Louis Vuitton is affordable: The main reason why many people opt for replica products is because they can’t afford the real product. Louis Vuitton faux merchandises are cost-effective, as you can buy them for a fraction of the price for the original. So, you have a real chance of wearing the ‘best’ products without eating too deep into your pocket. 
  • They are easy to buy: Faux Louis Vuitton are quite easy to buy. You could easily search the internet for some trustworthy and respected stores that sell replica products and deliver on their promise. You can also easily find some local stores that are into fake Louis Vuitton products. It’s not really complicated once you find your dealer. Just select the product you want and it will be delivered to you in a few days (if you’re buying online).
  • They appear very similar to the original product: This is one big advantage of faux Louis Vuitton. They are made with so much carefulness that they look so much like the original Louis Vuitton product. Add this to their low cost and you’ll see just why you need to buy one. They are also very suited to almost any occasion, just like the original.
  • Quality assurance: If you’re buying a fake LV from a trusted site, then you can be sure of the quality of their product. Many of the online stores that sell Louis Vuitton replica also offer you the assurance of the quality of their products. You must make sure that whichever store you’re buying from offers the best quality. If they don’t offer this assurance, then it’s best you move on. This will save you a lot of stress. The fact that it’s a replica doesn’t mean it isn’t quality. 
  • Large collection: It is easier for you to choose your Louis Vuitton knock off if you’re buying from an online store that has a huge collection. It’s the same if you’re buying from a local store. A large collection makes it easier to trust the dealer. It also gives you a chance to choose from a variety of options.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Louis Vuitton Fake Products

The major reason why people buy a faux Louis Vuitton is because of its relatively cheap price. But there are some reasons why you should stay off buying these replicas as well.

  • The issue of legality: Whether the production and purchase of a replica product is legal or not is up for debate. But you definitely would want to stay off something as controversial as this. There are many who actually believe they’re illegal product that infringe the brand’s copyright, and by buying them, you’re a part of the illegal cause. But while we’re still debating this, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By saving some money to buy the real product, you would relieve yourself of this issue.
  • It’s cheap because it’s of a lower quality: It’s obvious that the quality of an original Louis Vuitton handbag and a replica handbag are far apart. It’s only natural that the prices are far apart as well. Purchasing a fake designer product is actually purchasing a low quality product parading itself as an alternative to the original. There are no alternatives to original. If it’s not original, it’s not original!
  • Louis Vuitton is at a loss: This is more of a moral and ethical thing. No one loves to see others lose at their business. So it’s just so wrong if you’re the reason they are at a loss. It takes a lot for designers at Louis Vuitton to come up with these designs and make them into fashion products that we like. Buying these replicas at a giveaway price just discourages these designers, and that kills their creativity. It also takes a lot of money to take up and defend a case of copyright and infringement of trademark in court. This incurs extra cost for the company and may cause them to increase the price of their products to cover for this cost.

Fake Louis Vuitton vs Authentic

The issue of whether or not to buy a Louis Vuitton replica is up for debate. The way you see it will determine where your allegiance lies. Whether you choose to buy a faux LV or not is your choice. 

Would you rather spend all your savings on buying an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag or go for a fake Louis Vuitton that looks exactly like the original, and spend your money on other things? The choice is yours to make.

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