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Oi speaks to Celine Ventalon about Miha Bodytec and EMS training in Saigon

What is Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS)?
Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a full-body workout that originally comes from a physiotherapy and combines a ‘free will contraction’ through an exercise and an external stimulus from an EMS device. This high-intense whole-body workout uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods.

Is (EMS) used for medical or cosmetic treatments?
Electrical muscle stimulation is used in order to strengthen weak muscles, reduce swelling, relieve pain and help heal wounds such as back pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle conditioning (mostly for athletes), muscle injury from trauma or disease, spine injury, etc. EMS training can also help to eliminate toxins that can cause cellulite. EMS training stimulates blood flow and increases the production of collagen. These factors can give the skin a smoother appearance. EMS training can help to tone muscles and improve body definition more effectively than conventional training methods, causing significant effects on decreasing waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage.

What medical conditions are treated with EMS?
EMS can be used both as a therapy or training. It remains a crucial tool in the treatment of numerous acute and chronic pain conditions. Miha Bodytec also concentrates on the fitness and beauty aspects: body shaping and toning through muscle formation and fat reduction, stimulation of connective tissue metabolism and stimulating blood circulation.

How does EMS work?
In order to better practice electrostimulation, you must place electrodes above the vest and bands on your arms and connect it to a special device called Miha Bodytec. The Miha Bodytec device encourages users to work through a series of exercises. As they do so, the device sends a free will contraction to activate the user’s agonist and antagonist muscles at the same time, strengthening deep-seated muscle groups that are usually hard to target. This results in higher recruitment of muscle fibers without any additional load on the joints through weights.

How is it possible to stimulate a muscle electrically from the skin?
The muscular type of electric stimulation seeks to strengthen the muscles by reducing muscle spasms. This stimulates the skeletal muscle using electric impulses to cause muscle contraction. EMS is commonly used to help with chronic pain.

Is there an age minimum or limit to use EMS?
The minimum age for using the machinery is 16, and there is no upper age limit. Seniors use it to preserve their tone, their vitality and their shape.

Should a person avoid Electro Muscle Stimulation if they have certain health conditions?
Unfortunately, trainees with pacemakers, implanted defibrillators or are pregnant are deemed unsuitable for EMS-therapy or EMS-training.

Is EMS Suitable for Post-Natal Training?
Training with EMS is an excellent way to reshape the body after childbirth and it can be done a few weeks after childbirth depending on the medical recommendation from a doctor. After that, EMS is excellent for regression and body firming.

Will there be a trainer with every session at Miha?
Studio Miha Saigon provides a professional personal trainer for every session on Miha. Our trainers are well-trained on Miha Bodytec and will increase the intensity of the stimulation based on the member’s fitness capabilities, goals and body’s response.

How long does it take before a person can see results?
First changes can usually be seen after four sessions, depending on lifestyle. After 12 sessions such results are usually witnessed: 9% body fat loss, 30% increase in strength, 89% of users feel stronger and fitter.

How much does a session cost, and how long is each session?
Our concept is to train on a Miha Bodytec machine with a personal trainer in a private and cozy apartment where no one can see you train and far from the crowd of a gym. Our first package is the 24-session package and costs VND22.9 million. It includes 24 private sessions on Miha with a personal trainer, a private bathroom with a Vitamin C shower that’s heavy metals free, towels, use of a sauna, a rooftop pool, and a warm-up room with a treadmill and exercise bike. Each session of 25 minutes is equal to 4 hours of regular training.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/mihabodytecsaigon

Images Provided by Miha Bodytec Saigon

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