Work on these business pointers to boost your clothing range on Instagram

Every fashion brand, big or small, needs to stick to certain types of content. Instagram is the ideal platform to render life to your brand’s story. Besides capturing that perfect shot of the apparel or model, it’s also about mastering the art of visual storytelling.

  • As a fashion brand, you need to focus on engaging content for videos and images. They must include your brand mission, product features, product updates, lifestyle content, and user-generated content.
  • Brand mission is integral to your IG marketing strategy. Clothing brands like Marine Layer has come up with the Re-Spun program, which is a pathbreaking recycling program to rejuvenate your old tees.
  • It makes it easy for followers to donate their old garments, fetching you around $5 credit for every tee you donate. The company then deconstructs the cloth and revives it into new tees. How’s that for fashion revolution?
  • Brands like Mate the Label are harnessing an eco-friendly approach to the niche. Their mission to produce less waste has struck a great chord with the public.

A shoppable feed

Fashion brands need to ensure that they their feed is commercial or shoppable. The captivating designs in your display window may attract swarms of people or you can buy 50 Instagram likes on a repeated basis from genuine sources to increase your follower count, but most people actually pass by your posts and don’t initiate the concerned shopping process.

  • Experts recommend you make the feed shoppable right from the first stage. You can generate a CTA for all your potential customers by including a clickable link in your bio. It would direct your followers to your website.
  • If you’ve the bandwidth and resources, you can use effective software and apps to make products on your images buyable.
  • Your followers can buy from your Insta feed by using the platform’s latest Shoppable feature. However, avoid overselling and monitor IG shopping routinely.
  • Fashion brands need to rope in fashion influencers for success. It’s a simple rule of thumb.
  • Influencer marketing is extremely prevalent on the platform and ceases to stop. Brands need to leverage influencer marketing and tap into unknown markets.
  • However, you need to ensure that the influencer you’re hiring alongside his/her audience segment is relevant to your clothing line.

Conclusion with behind-the-scenes

There are numerous reasons why brands are taking their customers/followers behind the wardrobe and into the studio to show how things are made. From the apparel we adorn, the food we consume, the scent we use, to the technology we swear by, human beings have an insatiable quest to know how you make those things.

To feed into that curiosity, fashion brands on social media, especially Instagram are taking the audience to their den. It helps in enhancing your bond with customers and build trust and loyalty.

The Stories feature allows followers and fans to witness their favorite brands in a casual and less polished manner. Less scripted, less planned, less prepared, and more experimental and outright spontaneous, Insta Stories can showcase the values, humor, humanity, and human aspect of your brand.

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