Farmhouse sink installation – The ultimate guide

Are you going to design your holiday home and looking for kitchen styles? That’s great you have not finalized any style as I am going to show you the amazingly beautiful sinks that are farmhouse sinks. These sinks have a unique outlook that complements your sophisticated kitchen interior.

So, whether you have to select for your living room or distant house, these sinks will add a charm to your place. The good news about these farmhouse sinks is that you can install these sinks in three different types that I’ll tell you. Most importantly, you will get all the details on how you can install this farmhouse sink easily. So, without any delay, we start our installation project.

Types of farmhouse sinks

You can install farmhouse sinks in three different styles that are given below.

Undermount sink

In this configuration, the sink sits underneath the countertop. If you want o to have this type of installation, you must have a waterproof custom top for the faucet and the sink.

Top mount farmhouse sinks

This is the easiest farmhouse installation. You can install this type of sink on any countertop. There will be a flange that you have to place on the top before installing the sink.

Flush mount sinks

Flush mount farmhouse sinks are even to the top but they need a solid surface for installation.

How to install a farmhouse sink?

You can install the farmhouse sink easily with little effort. But important thing is that you must have a helping hand for this project. As the sink is heavy and you need to do some cuttings, make sure when you go to the kitchen for installation, you have another pair of hands with you.

When you have to buy a sink do comprehensive research on the available sizes, the material, and all the features, and then select the best farmhouse sinks.

This is how you can do this DIY project.

Prepare the kitchen cabinet area

First of all, prepare the area where you have to install the sink. Turn the water off by disconnecting all the water supply lines. Remove the drain pipe and if there is water in the p-trap, collect it in a bucket and clean the surface. Now remove all the draws and doors to make the space available. When this is done, remove the screws that are holding the countertop and lift it.

Make a supporting frame

As the farmhouse sinks are heavily made of concrete, stone, or fireclay, they need extra support to be fixed. Keep the sink on a clean surface and mark its dimensions. Now take a pencil and label the inner walls of your cabinet when you have to set the sink. If the weight of your sink is about three hundred lbs., you can make a frame of 2x4s. Install this supporting frame on the back and both sides of the cabinet. If the sink is extra heavy, you can have additional support at all the sides. Now make a drain hole in the support and level it.

Cut the front of the cabinet

Next is to cut the front of the cabinet where you have to install the farmhouse sink. It is better to make a draft on a heavy paper so that if you make any wrong dimension, you can correct it. Some sinks are slightly tapered so, mark the angles carefully. Make sure that the opening of the cabinet is equal to the sink and there is no space left to sink and the cabinet. If you feel the gap, use spacers or wooden stripes.

Install the farmhouse sink

Ask your helper to position the sink in a frame. Make sure that it is placed in the center of the cabinet. The sink must be level from all the sides and you can use shims to level it. Now install the plumbing connections but do not over-tighten the drains as they can damage your sink. If you want to make more seal, use a gasket between the sink and cabinet. When all of these connections are made, attach the garbage disposal, and connect the drain pipes.

Install the counter-top and cabinet frame

In the end, install the countertop and cabinet doors to finish your project. If the size of the countertop is all fit, you can go with it. but in some types, you have to make a new top as per your new dimensions to remove any doubt of leakage.

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