Styling Colorful Sunglass Lenses

Everyone likes a great pair of sunglasses. Whether you prefer an aviator style, Horn Rimmed Glasses, wayfarer frame, or sizable geometric shape, lenses can come in various color shades. And if anything, you can never judge a sunglass by its color, at least not when it comes to eye protection.

During the manufacturing process, sunglass lenses are treated with UV-absorbing chemicals to block the UV light. These chemicals are generally colorless. So, clear lenses can block light just as effectively as dark-colored lenses.

In today’s world, your options for colorful sunglass lenses are nearly endless. Therefore, it is crucial that you test the colors and make a smart decision. Regardless of your choice of tint, there are a few essential tips for styling colorful shades.

Go with Your Outfit

Currently, sunglasses are considered an item that completes your outfit for the day, alongside serving as a means to protect eyes from the sun. While people give a lot of thought to frame style in terms of fashion and functionality, people rarely consider the effects of the sunglass tint.

Matching and coordinating colors are pillars of building your fashionable look, and lens shades are no exception. Depending on the ensemble you choose to rock, you need sunglasses with the right lens color. For instance, if you’re sporting a monochrome outfit, consider incorporating a simple black, white, or grey frame with a colorful blue or green lens.

Think About Weather

Beyond looks, colorful shades offer many other benefits. You should consider your local weather when choosing a tint for your shades. The color of your shades makes a considerable difference; various colors of sunglass lenses will be more effective in different weather conditions.

Grey, amber, and brown lenses reduce brightness and glare to allow a clear view, making an ideal option for bright sunny days. Similarly, yellow lenses increase visibility in hazy, foggy, or dim situations, including heavy air pollution. Green lenses are suitable for almost all weather conditions, including rain. Red, blue, pink, and purple lenses are ideal for misty or snowy conditions.

Match Your Activity

Alongside the simple functions, colorful lenses will also help you perform your favorite sport or activity more effectively. While all sunglasses shades will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, a few colors might improve specific tasks’ efficiency.

Grey and brown lenses are ideal for sports like golfing and boating, as they reduce the most glare. Amber, orange, and yellow are not recommended for driving as they might distort the color of traffic signals. Instead, choose these colors for skiing, as they brighten unclear conditions while reducing glare. Pink and rose-tinted glasses even when in Round Prescription Glasses make an excellent choice for fishing or boating.

Depending on the different activities you indulge in, you might want to consider investing in a few pairs of glasses in various shades. You can have one pair for driving and another pair of sunglasses for sports. Regardless of the shade, always choose polarized lenses that improve visibility. Oakley sunglasses are good options and come in a range of colors.

Protect Your Eyes

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses to protect your sensitive eyes and like a simple and classic look, melanin-tinted lenses are your best option. Quite innovative and dark, these lenses offer more UV protection for your eyes than any other shades. It will also help prevent macular degeneration.

On the other hand, if you aren’t a fan of dark sunglasses, pastel lenses are also an option. Lighter yet stylish, these shades might not block out much light, but they will give you a relaxed and summery look.

Nonetheless, remember the purpose of the shades is to block out UV rays. So, find a pair that’s labeled as providing 100 percent UV protection. You might want to consider shades like rose, lavender, light gray, light orange, and soft blue.

Have Fun With Your Shades

Experimenting with lens colors should be fun. While black, brown, gray, yellow, orange, green, and red are the most common shade colors, choosing a shade depends on many factors, like the activity you pursue, your outfit, and your lifestyle. Shopping around and learning the advantages of different styles will protect your eyes and take your look to another level.

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