11 Tools to Help Launch Your First Email Marketing Campaign

The first email, sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 or 1978, depending on the source, has forever changed communication. Nowadays, thousands of emails are sent around the globe to fulfill various purposes. 

Today, it is a common thing for us to be the targets of numerous email marketing campaigns. Email marketing proved to be an efficient tool in connecting customers, promoting brands, and increasing sales.  

A fine-tuned email marketing can boost its success despite your business and income, saving you time, money, and efforts. 

Why you need email marketing automation

Email marketing may be simple, affordable, and effective due to email marketing automation tools and techniques. The functionality of these tools is not limited to email sequencing and CRM updating, but using email signature software, lead scoring, sales rotation, and numerous others for driving your business ROI and overall success.

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Before jumping in head first, lets consider the opportunities and critical benefits of email marketing automation:

  • automatic workflow that does not require intervention
  • better personalization opportunities
  • the reduced potential of errors
  • better targetting and segmentation
  • detailed automatic reporting.

More likely, to achieve your business goals, only one automation tool can hardly be enough. Therefore, here is the list of tools you`ll want to have on your side as you roll out your email marketing campaign.


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform widely applied to stay connected with the audience and automate repetitive tasks. This single tool allows managing mailing lists, creating custom email templates, nurturing and automating entire marketing campaigns in a few clicks.

Mailchimp is a web-based application. Therefore it may be used on any browser without downloading or complex installation. Apart from facilitating your marketing efforts, this tool also offers comprehensive analytical features to measure results and get data insights.


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based platform designed to discover the most relevant engagement, content, and outreach opportunities across both social and search. The platform provides insight into top-rated content pieces related to specific keywords and phrases.

BuzzSumo has won the hearts of numerous marketers with its killer features:

  • follow most shared content
  • carry out content analysis
  • follow trends
  • find influencers
  • set real-time monitoring.



Mailtrack is an email tracking tool that helps make sure your emails get opened by the receivers and define how many times it happened exactly. Once installed on your browser, Mailtrack integrates with your mails so that it can add a tracking pixel to emails you send.

This tool allows the email exchange to happen more naturally, reducing unnecessary follow-up emails. Besides, the email tracking feature helps to identify the right time to get back to your contact.


Newoldstamp is a marketing tool designed to create and manage corporate email signatures and turn them into a powerful advertising tool revolutionizing your marketing effort.

This well-designed and straightforward signature generator makes it easy to draw signature, make it professional-looking, attractive and functional. The tool is loaded with numerous ready-made templates, which facilitate the process and help to include all the necessary and relevant information into one signature.

image source: https://newoldstamp.com/email-signature/


Litmus email testing offers a wide range of tools for email testing across various browsers. Besides, it empowers you to build, test, and analyze your email templates even before they hit the inbox of the actual targets.

The service opens the emails in different email clients and helps to make sure it works fine everywhere. Besides, Litmus Builder also has a built-in subject line checker that tests the email subject line and provides a real-time preview option.


Reply is a multichannel AI-powered sales engagement platform with broad functionality. This platform facilitates email search as well LinkedIn outreach, SMS and WhatsApp messages, and calls.

Easy and fast integration with numerous other tools allows automatic synchronization of all your data and records in one place. It eliminates routine tasks for the sales team and helps to concentrate on closing deals rather than time-consuming email address searches.


Canva is a world-famous graphic design platform that helps create eye-catching social media graphics, presentations, posters, emails, documents, and other visuals. The app provides a wide choice of templates yet leaving space for your creativity.

Furthermore, Canva developed a whole set of email newsletter templates to facilitate the design of email copies that make an impact.  Besides, Canva’s email header templates help to create visually impactful headers in a few clicks.


Another essential element of any email marketing campaign is link sharing.  Improved sharability can considerably expand your campaign reach and brand recognition.

Rebrandly is an innovative solution for creating, sharing, and managing branded links that serve this purpose perfectly. Rebrandly has developed a URL shortener that makes it easy to create, track and share short links featuring your brand’s domain name. Thus, adopting branded links instead of generic short URLs appears to be a simple action with beneficial impact.


Mistakes happen. However, your critical task is to minimize errors in your email content. Otherwise, it will be challenging to create or maintain a positive email image.

Using Grammarly to scan your texts for common grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as complex ones, a once-over before hitting send is an excellent way to ensure that you do not forget anything.

Grammarly proves to be a reliable assistant and editor that provides specific suggestions and alerts to go far beyond grammar.

image source: https://www.grammarly.com/


Beautiful design and appealing visuals are crucial for a successful email marketing campaign. Freepik belongs to the resources that can help with graphic and visual elements.

Designed as a source for free vectors, PSDs, icons, and photos, the platform provides thousands of free exclusive resources developed by a professional team or the community. Furthermore, Freepik has a separate section dedicated to graphic resources for email marketing templates.

Headline Analyzer

A clever, clickable, and witty subject line is a half deal for a successful email marketing campaign. A check for spam triggers and getting suggestions to make your subject line more emotive is rather beneficial in this case.

Headline Analyzer is an excellent solution that helps to write irresistible SEO headlines that drive traffic, shares and rank better in search results. This tool uses over 50 different data points to evaluate your subject line and provide exclusive advice and suggestions.


Email marketing is a powerful tool to drive revenue and sales for your business. However, careful planning, drafting, and launching an efficient campaign requires time and effort. Finding a set of tools or software that can serve you as a reliable assistant in this task is essential.

The options are extensive. It’s all about choosing the right according to your business purposes, budget, and technical expertise. While these tools are no guarantee of success, the chances for it and the efficiency of your work grow exponentially.

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