Different Fat Removal Treatment Options To Go For

Suffering from obesity is very common these days. Because of our lifestyle and eating habits, we tend to gain extra weight. Most of the time, people fail to burn stubborn fat even after exercising for hours. Taking medical help is the only option left for this group of people.

Thankfully, there are many surgical and non-surgical ways of removing fat that come to the rescue. If you want a better idea about different fat removal treatments, keep reading.

Different fat removing treatments

There are two types of fat removals, surgical and non-surgical. Patients mostly prefer non-surgical treatments because of their nature and advantages. No invasion or surgery will be performed to remove your fatty cells, so there is no recovery time. Here are some of the most effective surgical and non-surgical ways you can use to get rid of that stubborn fat.


Since 2010, people have been using this method to freeze their fatty cells. In this technique, the excessively cold temperature will be applied to your target area to destroy the fatty cells just under your skin. You only feel a mild stinging sensation during the treatment.

Fat Freezing Treatment in Kuala Lumpur usually takes an hour, and you can join your work immediately after the treatment.. The results are not immediate. Your body will excrete the destroyed cells naturally. So, only after a month will you be able to see some changes.


In this technique, heat can also be used to destroy your fat cells. Radiofrequency is applied in the target area, which melts the fat away. Vanquish technique heats up your cell to 45 degrees C, which causes its death. Your body will treat the dead cells naturally and discharge them. In this method, large areas of your body can be treated. So, you can get a well-contoured body just after a few sessions.


It is very much like the vanquishing method but comes with stronger effects. It is the first FDA-approved fat removing treatment that destroys your excess fat permanently. Each session is 25 minutes long, where your fat cells get heated up.

Like Vanquishing, the temperature of your cells is increased till they get destroyed. The major difference between the both is that in SculpSure, the treatment goes deeper, beyond the targeted cells. However, this is not so with Vanquishing.

Sono Bello

It is a laser liposuction process where your surgeon will remove the excessive fat manually by incisions on your target area. A laser is used to suck the fat out, which also tightens your skin. During this treatment, local anesthesia is used, which means that you will stay awake during the surgery, but your affected area will stay numb.

You can use this treatment on any part of your body, but it will leave some scars around the area. But do not worry, they will fade soon. Only after a few weeks can you see visible Sonobello before and after effects.


Kybella was approved by the FDA in 2015. It is mainly used to reduce the double chin and tighten the skin. It has permanent and visible effects. As your target area is treated, the skin tightening process starts. It can be used as a skin lifting treatment. After this treatment, you will look younger and more pleasing.

Laser liposuction

It is also called SmartLipo. Here a laser with a triple wavelength is used to shed your unwanted fat. It also tightens our loose skin. After the treatment, your body will dissolve the fat naturally.

If there is any liquid accumulation, a small tube will be inserted to remove that. It can also be done on delicate areas like the chin, jaw, and neck. This process is less invasive than traditional liposuction.


In this process, a minimum invasion is made for fat removal and skin tightening. Radiofrequency energy is also used here. During the treatment, an internal probe helps to melt the fat and boost the collagen bond.

At the same time, an external applicator uses radiofrequency to tighten your skin. The surgeon makes a small incision to insert the fat-melting probe. The treatment downtime is very less, so if you want to get rid of your stubborn fat quickly, this is the best option.


These are all the methods that you can use to get rid of excess fat. But all these processes will only work if you follow a healthy lifestyle. If you fail to do that, in no time, you will lose your perfect shape. So, eat all the nutritious food items, add many vegetables to your meals, exercise daily, drink enough water, and follow a sleeping schedule for the best results.

Most people fail to maintain their bodies after the treatment. So, if you want to keep your body well contoured, make sure that you are leading a healthy life.

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