10 Music Stars With College Degrees

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that celebrities were just regular people before they got famous. A lot of musicians, actors, and entertainers didn’t have a plan for becoming a celebrity, really. Just like everybody, they attended college and received their degrees.

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Weird Al, Architecture

Let’s start with the weirdest celebrity on this list! Alfred Yankovic was an ordinary student when he created his Weird Al character for a radio show. He further developed his persona at California Polytechnic State University while also getting a degree in architecture. What would the world be without the parodies of Weird Al? Luckily, we will never know!

Jim Morrison, Cinematography

The lead singer of The Doors was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, before fully committing to a life of a rock star. Jim Morrison got a degree in cinematography that allowed him to express his dark artistic side.

Gloria Estefan, Psychology

Legend of the music world Gloria Estefan is not only famous for her talent and activism. She is also an inspiration for young people who are struggling with their studies. Against all odds, Gloria became a member of the National Honor Society, learned to speak several languages, and graduated with a degree in psychology.

Carrie Underwood, Mass Communications

The star of the American Idol show and a famous country singer Carrie Underwood actually put her education on hold when her career started taking off in 2005. But she decided to return to her studies later and got a diploma in mass communications and journalism. She says that her education helped her a lot in developing her stage and TV persona!

Chris Martin, Greek and Latin Languages

The songs of Coldplay symbolize sadness and heartbreak for many people around the globe. But not a lot of fans know that the lead singer Chris Martin actually graduated from the University College London with a degree in Greek and Latin. In fact, look at the rest of the Coldplay band who all studied at the same university:

  • Jonny Buckland, astronomy and mathematics;
  • Guy Berryman, mechanical engineering;
  • Will Champion, anthropology.

Tom Morello, Art and Social Studies

Before Raging Against the Machine, Tom Morello decided to see what is right and what is wrong from an academic point of view. The guitarist of the renowned rock group graduated from Harvard University and even worked with a senator for a short period of time. After quitting, Tom Morello and his band have become a symbol for political activism ever since.

Gene Simmons, Education

It is probably hard to imagine the bassist from the rock band Kiss as a teacher. Of course, he wouldn’t be wearing his classic black and white make-up in front of the whole class. But that would definitely be funny! Gene Simmons said that he wanted to have more impact on people and he could not be doing that in one small classroom.

Freddie Mercury, Graphic Art and Design

The famous frontman of Queen, who has become an icon for millions of people, still has some surprising facts in his biography. Freddie was always interested in artistic things, so he chose to pursue an art degree. His skills in graphic art and design helped in the future when Freddie created a logo for his band.

Sting, Education

Here is yet another teacher on the list! Sting struggled with finding his true calling at first. So, he decided to get a degree in teaching while attending the Northern Counties College of Education. Sting often said that he wanted to inspire his students and couldn’t do that in a classroom. As a result, he wanted to go on stage and give inspiration to millions.

Dexter Holland, Molecular Biology

The frontman of the famous rock band The Offspring has not only rock-and-roll energy but also an unexpected degree! Almost thirty years ago, Dexter Holland started his long academic journey in getting a Ph.D. in molecular biology. In 2017, he published his dissertation on HIV research and treatment.


So, there you have it, a list of musicians with surprising college degrees. Contrary to a popular belief, not all music stars are college dropouts who chose to rock and roll during their student years. These examples of celebrities who pursued a diploma show that a lot of them value formal education, as should everybody!

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