8 Typical Issues Students Face When Writing an Essay

Every student knows how hard it can be to write a decent essay. Even those who love writing tend to encounter occasional problems. For the less enthusiastic, academic paper writing can be a nightmare. 

Fortunately, Bidforwriting.com are ever-ready to lend a hand to the busy and the overwhelmed. Yet, while ordering a paper from a writing essay service is a fast and sure way to deal with immediate issues, you might still want to learn how to handle the most common ones yourself – just in case. 

Thus, we’ve put together the following list of the typical essay writing issues most students face and the ideas on coping with them. Read on to become a better writer in less than 10 minutes! 

Time Management 

Everything starts with proper time management. Those who plan a course of action meticulously never miss a deadline. Unfortunately, most students are terrible at time management. 

If you are far too familiar with a situation when you have to pull an all-nighter to finish that paper you’ve been putting off for weeks, start from the basics: make a schedule. Break down each huge task into small sub-tasks, set in-between deadlines for every part, and move on, step-by-step. 

Outlining the Structure 

So, you’ve planned your schedule. Now, it’s time to outline the structure of your essay to get a better overview of what you’re supposed to do next. All students know they need to do it. However, many still skip this crucial step and, eventually, get into trouble. 

Some of them do it because they don’t know how to write an outline. But finding this out is super easy now that we’ve got the internet! 

Besides, you can always ask your teacher for help. Whichever you choose, bear in mind that proceeding with a lengthy text without an outline is a bad idea. 

Writer’s Block 

But what if you do have a plan and an outline but still find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen for hours, unable to produce a single sentence? That’s called writer’s block, and it happens rather often. 

Even experienced writers are prone to it. Luckily, many techniques help overcome it. If you have enough time, start with the simplest actions like:

  • Go for a walk;
  • Distract and think of something else;
  • Read more on the subject, etc.

If time is short and you can’t waste a minute, try some techniques with more immediate effect, like random brainstorming or freewriting. 

It can also be that your problem is not writer’s block itself, but the inability to concentrate that causes it. So you might try concentration techniques as well. And don’t forget about the magical cup of coffee! 

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Finding Sufficient Evidence 

Sometimes you feel you’ve got something here, and you want to make a point. But there seems to be no evidence whatsoever to back up your arguments. Does that sound familiar? Indeed, finding sufficient evidence to support their stance is one of the most common issues essay writers face. 

The worst thing is, it doesn’t have any simple solutions. The solution depends on the root of your specific problem. 

Sometimes, your logic may be flawed, and in this case, finding evidence to support your stance is impossible. All you can do is think of a better point to make. 

In other cases, the idea may be valid, but the subject – not well-researched yet. If that is the problem, you can either do your own research or choose a different topic. 

Evaluating the Sources 

You are probably aware that you can only use reliable sources during your research. But how can you tell if they are reliable or not? Many students struggle a lot with this task. 

However, it isn’t as difficult as it seems. The safest choice is to use primary sources and peer-reviewed scholarly articles only. This way, you’re sure to steer clear of any trouble. All other resources usually call for more research and need to be tracked down to their primary sources. 

It also helps to look for your sources in the right place. Use your college library or well-known online repositories whenever you can, and your chances of encountering an unreliable source will decrease drastically. 

Making a Clear Statement 

Formulating a clear and concise thesis statement is arguably the vital step of the essay writing process. It’s also probably the most difficult. 

Moreover, if you fail to make a clear statement right from the start, you’re going to have a hard time trying to prove something unprovable in your body paragraphs.

So, spare no time on this sub-task. If you’re having difficulties with formulating a thesis statement, consider using online thesis generators, spend more time pondering on your topic, or even changing it altogether. 

Keeping the Narrative Coherent 

One of the most common issues students face is keeping the narrative natural and coherent while still adhering to the required essay structure. It can be tricky indeed, especially for those who don’t write the paragraphs in consecutive order. 

Why does it happen? For various reasons, like:

  • Not knowing the subject;
  • Not having sufficient critical thinking, analytical, or logical skills; 
  • Choosing a complex topic that you can’t handle;
  • Not reading the whole piece from the beginning to the end, and more. 

So, the solution here is to identify the root of the problem first. Then, it’ll be much easier to deal with the consequences. 

And if you still don’t feel like the task is up to you, consider delegating the whole task. But act smart about it: first, see what others have to say about the platform of your choosing. A good example can be an EssayPro review by NoCramming service. Or you can pick any other type of feedback available online.

Writing in Formal Style 

An essay is a piece of academic writing. Therefore, it calls for the appropriate style – the formal one. Some students tend to forget about that; others don’t know what a writing style is. Both groups fail to produce a text that completely answers academic requirements. 

While writing in a formal style can be difficult, this is something that every student needs to master to create excellent essays and get high marks. So, the best thing to do is learn the rules and practice, practice, and practice. 

In Conclusion 

Listed above were some of the most common issues students face when writing an essay and some suggestions on dealing with them. 

Though the list might seem intimidating, you can rest assured that all problems are manageable if you invest enough patience, time, and diligence into your essay writing.

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