LXP: Definition and Top 7 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in It

Have you ever wondered what the true key to the success of your business is? Is it the high quality of the services or products you are delivering? Is it a powerful marketing strategy well-tailored to your brand’s needs? Or, maybe, is it the sustainable growth of your company?

Although each of the factors mentioned above plays a significant role in building a successful and profitable business, there is one key to success that stands above all. The real success of every business is actually in the hands of its employees.

Whether you run an IT company, write essays and papers for students and have your own essayservice.com with expert writers, or own any other company, it is your team that makes everything work out. And, thus, one of the most certain ways to ensure scalability and profitability is by ensuring continuous learning of your team members.

Throughout decades, a lot has been said about the value of corporate training. But, today, it has been taken to a whole new level with the help of LXPs.

What does it stand for, and why should your business care? Read on to find all the answers you have been looking for!

What Is an LXP?

The abbreviation LXP stands for the Learning Experience Platform. An LXP is a cloud-based learning delivery platform primarily aimed at serving corporate learning needs. 

In a nutshell, the core task of an LXP is to help businesses deliver high-quality and custom-made learning experiences to their employees to ensure that they continuously elevate their skills and proficiencies.

What Is It Used for?

In case you happen to confuse LXPs with traditional corporate training, let us take a moment here to outline the difference.

Basically, LPXs are there to encourage self-directed learning. Such platforms enable employees to gain skills development and professional development that go far beyond the company’s course catalog. Simply put, with the help of an LXP, organizations can ensure that their staff members can gain training in areas and topics other than what was provided by the learning and development department. This significantly expands the employees’ learning opportunities, helping them learn something new and relevant regardless of whether it was implied by the company’s course catalog.

LXP: Key Features and Benefits

So, now you know that one of the major benefits of using LXPs for corporate learning is expanding your employees’ learning opportunities. But, what else is there?

You will be surprised by the wide range of opportunities a good LXP can offer for your business. Of course, the complete list of features can vary from one LXP to another, but here are some of the key features your business will be able to benefit from:

  • Content creation – First of all, pretty much every LXP supports the creation of user-generated content. It basically means that your employees will have a unique opportunity to complement the existing catalog with more lessons and posts on a variety of topics. At the same time, other users will be granted access to the newly-created materials and will have an opportunity to rate them and leave their comments.
  • Content curation – Another handy feature supported by most LXPs is the possibility to leverage machine learning for effective organization and curation of third-party learning materials collected from the web. Simply put, the system will provide all users with the power to curate the content that is out there on the Internet and share it within your company’s LXP.
  • Personalized recommendations – Since LXPs provide learning experiences that go beyond the organization’s catalog, such systems can analyze each user’s needs and interests to make personalized suggestions on helpful materials and lessons.
  • Gamification – Probably one of the most exciting LXP features is gamification. This feature helps companies ensure that their employees’ learning experiences are not just effective but also fun.
  • Analytics – No less important is the fact that LXPs provide businesses with plenty of possibilities in terms of learning analytics. Such platforms make it simple for employers to watch their staff members’ progress and analyze their achievements.
  • Chatbots – Whenever it comes to e-learning, instant feedback is one of the biggest advantages offered by this form of training, and an LXP is not an exception. With the help of convenient chatbots, such platforms provide users with constant support and feedback, which also positively affects the employees’ learning experiences.
  • Simple integrations – Lastly, one more benefit you can enjoy after adopting an LXP is the opportunity to expand the learning options through simple integrations from other content providers and third parties. This feature allows you to expand your courses catalog even further and, thus, offer even more perspectives for growth.

The Bottom Line

So, does your business really need to invest in an LXP?

After reading this article, you should now have a better idea of what an LXP is, what it is used for, and what features it can provide to you. If we quickly recap the key benefits of using LXPs for corporate training, they would include:

  • Broader catalog of courses and learning materials;
  • User-generated content creation;
  • Convenient content curation features;
  • Personalization of recommendations;
  • Convenient tools for learning analytics;
  • Gamified learning for a better experience;
  • And more.

Based on this, it is fair to say that such learning platforms really have the potential to help your business grow and prosper. And, thus, yes, investing in LXPs is never a bad idea!

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