Matrix – A Rectangular Arrangement of Numbers in Match

While studying maths, we come across a lot of topics. Numbers are an integral part of it. There are many equations that we have to deal with in maths. Many times it happens that we have more than two equations that make it tough for us to solve them easily. Just to solve them easily and correctly represent the data, we use a matrix. Matrix helps us to easily deal with multiple numbers of equations at once. Matrix has found a wide number of applications in real life. Thus, every student must understand and learn the matrix. Let us discuss matrices and matrix multiplication in detail.

Matrices: The plural form of a matrix is known as matrices. A matrix can be defined as a form of a table, where all the elements are arranged in the form of rows and columns. According to the number of equations, we have the number of rows and columns. There are a lot of operations that are performed on matrices. Matrix addition is one such operation that can be performed on a matrix. It is used to add two or more matrices. Matrix multiplication is also an operation of great importance that we can perform. Matrices also have a lot of properties. Let us discuss a few of the important topics related to matrices.

Matrix is divided into various categories, depending on the arrangement of the elements or the number of elements present in the matrix. In general, a matrix has both columns and rows but it is also possible that a matrix must have only rows, in such a case where a matrix has only one row the matrix is called a row matrix. Similarly, if a matrix consists of a single column, then it is referred to as a column matrix. One more term commonly used in a matrix is a square matrix. A square matrix can be defined as a matrix that consists of the same number of rows and columns. For example, if a matrix is having two rows and two columns, then that matrix is called a square matrix.

One more important type of matrix is the diagonal matrix. In a diagonal matrix, there are elements present only on the diagonals and all other values are equal to zero. A diagonal matrix gives rise to one more type of matrix and that is an identity matrix. In an identity matrix, all the diagonal elements of the matrix are always equal to one and all the other values apart from the diagonals are zero. A student should learn all the types of matrices as they are very helpful in solving problems related to the matrix.

Matrix multiplication: It is one of the common operations that can be performed on a matrix. When we multiply two matrices, we get only one matrix as a result. Matrix multiplication is not possible between any two matrices, there is a necessary condition that needs to be fulfilled to successfully get the correct output. To multiply two matrices, the number of columns of the first matrix must be equal to the number of rows of the second matrix. If this condition is not fulfilled between any two matrices, then their multiplication is not possible. Matrix multiplication also follows a lot of properties that are helpful for us in doing matrix multiplication.

In the above article, we have tried to discuss crucial concepts related to the matrices. Matrix is an important topic in mathematics and every child should do a lot of matrix practice of matrix to excel this concept. But many times, it happens that students face difficulty in grasping the topic. One of the best ways for students to clear all their doubts related to mathematics is to use online platforms. Platforms like Cuemath are available online to explain the concepts not only to children but to any person who is interested in learning. It helps students to easily understand the topic and also provides questions related to the topic for practice. Every student should use Cuemath.

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