What Skills Do You Need to Pass the Exam of CCNA/CCNP?

Introduction to training of CCNA certification:

CCNA certification (CCNA–Cisco network installation and support certification assistant) is the most elementary certification in the entire Cisco certification system. And it is also the necessary condition to obtain CCNP certification, CCDP certification and CCSP certification (except for CCIP certification and CCIE certification). Moreover, Cisco qualified specialists also require candidates to obtain CCNA certification first.

  1. Training for CCNA certification

CCNA certification is the basic certification of Cisco’s after sales engineer certification system. After passing CCNA, it is proved that you have mastered the basic knowledge of network, and you have the ability to install, configure and operate Cisco router, switch, LAN and WAN. Moreover, the holders of CCNP certificate have the basic technology and knowledge of networking for the Small office & Home Office (SOHO) market. Professionals of CCNP certified can install, configure and run LAN, WAN and dial-up access services in small networks (100 or less nodes). The protocols they can use include (but are not limited to) IP, IGRP, IPX, serial, apple, talk, frame, relay, IP rip, VLAN rip, Ethernet and access lists.

  1. Training skills

Install, configure and operate simple routing LAN, routing WAN, and define the content of “simple” network, such as IP, IGRP, IPX, serial, apple, talk, frame relay, IP rip, IPX rip, VLAN, Ethernet, access table, etc.

  1. CCNA is able to provide solutions based on training and the experience from the real world

1) Install / configure a network;

2) Using access directory to filter;

3) Using BOD and DDR to reduce bandwidth and reduce WAN’s cost.

4) Provide remote access by integrating dial-up connections and traditional remote LAN to LAN access, as well as the highest level of performance required to support new applications such as Internet e-commerce and multimedia.

  1. Prerequisites for CCNA certification

There is no need for candidates to hold any certificate to apply for CCNA. At the same time, there are no rigid regulations on candidates’ age, educational background and foreign language proficiency.

  1. Examination of CCNA certification

Now, there are two ways to take the exam: take the 640-801 CCNA exam; take 640-821 INTRO and 640-811 ICND respectively.

  1. Validity of CCNA certification

The validity period of CCNA certificate is three years. After three years, you need to take the examination of recertification. If you get a higher level of Cisco certification within two years, the validity period of CCNA certification will be automatically updated.

  1. Re-certification examination of CCNA

After the expiration of the validity period, you must take the examination of 640-811CND, or take any examination of CCNP, CCIP, CCSP, or any examination prefixed with 642-xxx in Cisco qualified specialist

CCNP is a professional technical course, with SPOTO specialized supporting original English textbooks. You can start to learn CCNA as long as you know the conversion of decimal, binary and hexadecimal and understand some basic network knowledge and have some basic English skill.

That’s what you need to master to learn CCNA / CCNP.

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