Understanding A Hoarder: Why Can’t They Throw Anything Away?

To provide an understanding and the process of hoarding, we must first understand its definition. Hoarding is defined as a single-minded urge of collecting and safekeeping unwanted items in great numbers. Most of the people afflicted with hoarding disorder find it hard to throw away items.

A hoarder desires to save items that they know are useless such as newspapers, cans, bottles, boxes, and junk materials. The reason why many people feel pushed to save these items can vary from one person to another. A professional service like jiffy junk can help you deal with hoarding cleanup and problems related to it.

Symptoms Of Hoarding

Resistant To A Hoarding Cleanup

People who hoard often have a hard time throwing items due to their insecurities. It is a common trait among hoarders and can be hard to understand. They will often say they don’t want to throw something away because they might never find it again or that they might want to use it in the future. These are considered logical reasons why someone would try to keep things that may be useless.

Severe Anxiety When Attempting Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarders are often very anxious about throwing any items away because they are fearful of the effect. They are also unable to discuss these insecurities with anyone. It makes it harder for family members or friends to help them. People with hoarding problems often appear to be very emotional and will cry when throwing items away.

Great Difficulty Categorizing Or Organizing Possessions

Inability to categorize belongings can make it hard for hoarders to throw items away. By not classifying their stuff into a system, they will continue to hold on to them. They do not see them as waste when the items are actually useless.

Lying About Consuming Possessions

Many hoarders do not want their family or friends to know that they have been buying unnecessary items. It is seen as a way of ensuring that they would be made feel guilty for the problem. This can be very frustrating to people trying to help them with their hoarding problem.

Obsessive Thoughts And Actions

Hoarders often feel the need to save useless items. Sometimes this can lead to obsessive thoughts and actions, which can be hard for family members to understand. These people often feel like there is no reason why they shouldn’t hold onto things. They may also feel like they cannot throw anything away because they will never find another one again or that they have lost it.

Diminished Living Standards

Hoarding can drastically affect the quality of life for the hoarder as well as their family members. Hoarders may not go through the house to use the bathroom, cook, eat or sleep because of the clutter. It can be a dangerous situation, especially for older adults. There are many situations where hoarders have been unable to leave their homes because of the clutter. They are also more likely to suffer from depression, increased stress, and anxiety, leading them to neglect themselves.

Solution To Hoarding

Hoarding Cleanup

One of the reasons why hoarders continue to save items is because they feel like they will be useful or necessary to them in the future. Helping people discard their stuff gives them a chance to make room for new items that may be useful. It can also help them realize that throwing things away is not a big deal and they don’t need to save up everything.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

There are specific treatments that help people overcome hoarding, which include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a therapy that helps people change the way they think and behave by exploring the root causes of their hoarding. This therapy also works to help people lose their fear of throwing things away and helps them learn to not become attached to them.

Medication For Anxiety

Another treatment that can help with hoarding is medication for anxiety. There are prescription medications that can help a person deal with social anxiety, which could be why a person feels anxious about discarding items.

Hire A Professional Hoarding Cleanup Company For Starters

Hoarders will often spend a lot of time and energy-saving items that most people would throw away. This can consume much of the time that friends and family members could spend together and bond.  It is hard for most people to understand why a person would hold on to these items. A good cleanup company can help a hoarder discard unwanted items by sorting through the mess and organizing objects properly.


While some people can benefit from therapy or medication, other people will need to undergo counseling to help them overcome their hoarding tendencies. It may include group therapy, individual therapy, and/or family therapy. This type of treatment is often an effective way to help people regain their lives and realize what they have been holding on to is useless or a waste of time.


Hoarding is a common behavior that affects the lives of many people throughout the world. It can be hard for those around a hoarder, especially family members and friends, to learn why they would hold on to items that are useless or a waste of time. It can make it very challenging for those around them to help them discard their stuff. Certain treatments like hoarding cleanup and socializing sessions can help some people overcome hoarding tendencies, but others may need professional counseling or medication.

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