Closet Hacks: How to Store Your Clothes Properly

You’ll never have to worry about arranging your closet again. Our foolproof, step-by-step (picture) guide shows you how to effortlessly arrange your closet for good. If you’re anything like us, you’ve undoubtedly decluttered and arranged your bedroom closet several times over the years, but it still looks like a bull burst through your walk-in every few months.

Maintaining an orderly closet will always be an ongoing effort (much like upgrading your wardrobe), but there are certain things you can do to assure you never spend more than 20 minutes organizing your clothing again. Here are 1tips for preventing clothing damage while in storage, as well as tricks for keeping your closet tidy.

Clean Everything

Obviously, within reason conduct a closet remodelling. When just the odd safety pin remains, get in and give your closet a thorough cleaning. Vacuum the carpet, clean the shelves, especially if they are made of glass wipe them clean, check with your manufacturer to ensure your insulated glass is fitted with zeolite 3A, this way you will be sure it will absorb all the moisture to keep your clothes dump free.

Everything should be dry cleaned or washed before being stored. This is fairly self-evident, but you don’t want your clothing to smell bad while they’re in storage. More significantly, it will eliminate any existing bug eggs on the garment. Any stains or dirt might cause further harm while in storage. Empty your pockets and avoid starching your clothing before storing them. Why wait till next season when you may discover cash or candy?

Hung or Fold Clothes?

To prevent tugging and wrinkling, fold sweaters, shirts, and pants (neatly). Heavier clothing, such as winter jackets, should be hung. Wire hangers are unsuitable for storage because they might stretch the clothes and damage their form. Place these clothes in cotton or heavy-duty vinyl garment bags and hang them up. Enclose sweaters and folded clothes in a sweater or blanket bag. Place the folded goods inside a plastic storage bin for convenient storage and transportation (not cardboard).

You might have enough space to hang every single T-shirt you possess, but if you don’t, stick to the obvious. That includes delicate things such as dresses, skirts, and undergarments, as well as fancy items like suits and robust, structural pieces such as jackets and blazers.

Here’s a suggestion from Marie Kondo (the world’s most organized person) for giving your wardrobe a tidy, cheerful appearance: Hang everything in the same way, with longer things on the left and shorter items on the right, so that the bottom of your garments form an upward sloping line.

Storage Material and Location

If you have the time and money to devote to a full-fledged Carrie Bradshaw closet makeover, go for it. If not, get inventive to make do with what you have (and yes, it is possible to arrange a closet without a closet). Take note of the greatest characteristics of your closet: Perhaps you have a lot of vertical storage space, built-in shelves, or a lot of hanging rods. Make use of these.

Depending on the available area, there are a variety of ways to store goods. Sweater boxes, under-the-bed storage containers, and hanging garment bags are excellent options if you have enough space in your home or apartment. This is especially handy if you need to access things regularly.

Clothing should be stored in a cold, dry, and well-ventilated environment, such as a chilly attic or a wet basement. Clothing may be stained or faded by any amount of sunshine or humidity. Use a breathable bag if your bag is made of leather, suede, or fur. Avoid using cardboard boxes for garments of any kind since the glues and dyes can damage them.

Make Sure It’s Moth-free.

Mothballs keep moths away from stored clothing, which is crucial. Mothballs should not be used directly on garments and should only be used in sealed containers. Because the chemical used to repel moths can be harmful to humans, wash any clothing that has been stored with mothballs. We know it’s redundant because you cleansed them before storing them, but it’s for your benefit.

Try cedar blocks, shavings, or oil for a less harmful and more pleasant-smelling alternative. Again, store in a well-sealed container to keep pests out and garments safe.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Make certain that the clothes you wish to wear for the upcoming season are accessible when you need them. Store clothing based on what you’ll need first, and then allow yourself time to wash the things after obtaining them. Don’t put off getting out your sweaters until it’s very chilly outside. Be prepared to beat the dry cleaning rush when the weather cools. Similarly, if you’ve stored your summer clothing but are planning a trip to the tropics in the middle of winter, keep a few items under your bed or in the back of your wardrobe instead of sending them all to storage.

You won’t need your down parka in July (hopefully), so dry clean it and store it until the weather is reliably warm. This will make room in your closet for new summer outfits (you’re welcome). Similarly, when you dig out your sweaters and boots, pack up your beach suits and sandals. You don’t want to cope with a crowded closet since it makes getting dressed in the morning much more difficult.


While closet upkeep may appear to be a burden, following these guidelines can help you expedite the process and stay tidy. A well-organized and easily accessible closet, like a morning workout or a nutritious meal, helps establish the proper tone for the day — the excellent one that you deserve!

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