Laser Hair Removal – The Ultimate Guide for People of Color

Amidst the swam of things to worry about in beauty, hair has constantly remained a top priority for both men and women. To maintain beauty, you are either working on facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, or even the hair on the head. The hair never seems to stay out of the way of beauty routines and procedures. Well, not anymore. The laser hair removal technology is a gradual journey to permanent removal of unwanted hair. When compared to waxing and shaving, it offers a more permanent hair removal treatment. It is less stressful and in foresight, less expensive.

While the treatment has had its pros and cons and continued to enjoy acceptance and wide usage, this has not been the case with people within the black community. Studies show that people of color have been hung up on this trend, not knowing a better way to hop on it. And this is due to several reasons:

Reasons For Low Level of Acceptance Among People of Skin of Color

  • At the inception of the laser hair removal technology, the procedure was far from smooth. The technology usually left users with post-usage health dramas. But as time went on, the procedure faced several upgrades that helped users glean a better experience from using it. At this point, people of color had missed out on details about the new features, best practices, safety measures, and its overall improved services. As a result, most steered clear of the hair removal option.
  • Another reason is the color sensitivity of the laser hair removal technology. It gives off different hair removal patterns and reactions based on skin color and hair color. The majority of products on the market met the needs of people with no skin color. Hence, its reaction on people of color.

These are only two of the many reasons the laser technology is not so popular among people of color. This article, therefore, contains all the information needed to guide intending laser hair removal users within the colored race. You deserve the ease and comfort that laser hair removal offers.

With this article, we’ll help you say hello to smooth and hairless skin with ease. Read on to glean this opportunity. But before then, let’s take a refresher course on laser hair removal technology and how it works.

Laser Hair Removal Technology

This technology is one of the best for permanent escalation of body and facial hair. It relies on its laser technology to emit light energy, stop the growth of hair, and eventually cause a deadening in the roots of hair follicles.

In summary, this is the procedure for the laser hair removal process:

  • The laser hair removal targets the hair pigment
  • It creates heat that is enough to damage the follicle.
  • It gives gradual results. Hence, it requires multiple treatments, first to reduce the mass of the hair and then to permanently prevent it from growing back.

The procedure only takes one hour per session and requires 4 to 6 sessions (on average) for permanent removal. This technology is used for hair in the vagina (Brazilian laser removal), face, and other areas of the body. Unlike shaving, laser hair removal technology completely takes out the hair. Even the hair underneath the skin is not left out.

Remember that the hair gets destroyed from the roots underneath the skin. Several users have confirmed that while the process is not so painful, it gives an uncomfortable sensation likened to snapping rubber bands against the skin. After the removal procedure, ensure to apply Aloe Vera gel over the affected area. It is normal to notice skin swelling and redness of skin a few hours after the procedure. With the continuous application of the aloe vera gel, it’ll disappear.

The cost of the procedure varies according to the affected area of the body, the size of the area, the quantity of hair removed, and the number of sessions required

Hacks That You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Although the procedure seems simple and easy to maneuver, you can only get the safest and best result when you have a solid knowledge about the procedure, the do’s and don’ts, and can adhere to the stipulated measures. You cannot afford to walk into those spa doors as a newbie without proper information. Let’s get you armed with these hacks so you’ll have a clear picture of what to avoid and embrace.

  • Invest in a consultation session before your procedure.
  • Open up to your dermatologist about your fears and curiosity.
  • Engage professionals based on recommendations. Ensure that your dermatologist is board-certified with expertise in melanin-rich skin. Check out the Skin of Color Society, or the National Medical Association for physicians from different backgrounds with expertise in skin of color.
  • Go for the more expensive options because on the long run, cheap is expensive.
  • Adhere to the simple, yet important after-procedure routines.
  • Home laser removal kits are not safe for use.
  • Laser hair removal technology does not cause infertility or cancer.
  • The procedure is not all so painful, it only gives a tingling sensation. If you feel pains beyond what you can bear, make a complaint. The pain doesn’t linger after the procedure. If you notice anything contrary, do not pretend to be fine, speak up.
  • The thicker and darker hair, take a while to result in permanent escalation. It may take up to 6-10 sessions.
  • The laser targets the pigment and melanin in the body. So, it will not work on fair hair the way it will on hairs with dark pigments.
  • There are different lasers. Some work better on dark skin tones and others work better on fair skin tones. For instance, the YAG 1064 laser works well on melanated skin but would not affect the fairer skin.
  • Using the wrong laser may result in burns, severe pimples, blisters, skin redness, discoloration, peeling, or other injuries.
  • Be in constant communication with your dermatologist in between sessions. Give your doctor feedback about your experience with your skin, its reaction, and the progress before your next monthly session. It improves the efficiency of the entire procedure.
  • Approximately 1 in 50 black recipients of the treatment report temporary hyperpigmentation. Look out for discoloration and treat it.

The key takeaway for people of color is that Laser hair removal has undergone several upgrades and tests and is now verified safe for you if done under the supervision of an experienced dermatologist. Therefore, two factors to look out for during your procedure are:

The quality of the laser and the person behind the laser. However, the person behind the laser is a key factor.

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