7 Advantages Of Taking Up Eskrima

If you are a martial artist, and you want to try out a new fighting style, you should try out Eskrima. The Filipino fighting style is an extremely dynamic and effective fighting form, and was created for sword, knife, and stick fighting. It is also used in recent movies such as Dune. As a whole, Eskrima is a very effective martial art that captures the true warrior spirit of Filipino culture. Here are some of the key advantages of taking up Eskrima.

1.  It Has Incredible Lineage

If you want a fighting style that stretches back hundreds of years, then Eskrima is the style for you. The thing that really sets Eskrima apart from other styles, is its incredible lineage.Through the years Eskrima has become the Philippine’s trademark fighting style, and the fighting style was able to evolve through the years. Now their hundreds of Eskrima styles that have their own specific fighting forms.

2.  It Is Very Efficient

When it comes to a fighting style that you could use practically in any situation, then Eskrima is one of the top. What sets Eskrima apart from other martial arts is its impressive effectiveness in almost any self-defense situation.

The best thing about Eskrima, is that the training teaches you how to effectively block and attack in quick unison. The fighting styles is also simplistic yet effective against armed attackers, and uses a defense first mentality, which does not leave you open to attacks.

A good number of Eskrima styles also eschews the need for flashy techniques and always utilizes efficiency over power.

3.  It Is Surprisingly Strenuous

When you look at Eskrima drills, you might think that the style is simplistic. Some may even think that the style is too tame. That is until the particopa start sparring with one another, and you will see that the styles are very strenuous and intense. Sticks and fist will fly at very precise paces, and you will be surprised at how tiring the training could be.

If you want your training to be even more intense, you could put on some Eskrima armor, and you could do your drills with padded sticks, The armor adds a good deal of protection from damage, and will also make you feel heavier. You and your partner could hit one another with heavier blows, however, you should make sure that you still follow proper technique and safety methods.

4.  It Is Very Multifaceted

When it comes to training in Eskrima, one of the things you should be aiming for, is versatility. Compared to other fighting styles, that focus on only unarmed combat, or others that focus on armed combat, the fighting style could handle both, and do so effectively.

5.  You Could Learn It Online

If you are going to train Eskrima, the best way should always be from a respected master of the art. However, there will be times where you don’t have access to his training. Remember that a majority of masters are Filipino, and it would be so expensive if you have to go to the Philippines in order to train under him or her.

In these instances, you could always reach out to a master and have him train you online. If you are going to train with a master online, you should make sure that you invest in a good quality computer system, and at least a speaker and webcam. You will need to hear your master’s instructions properly, so you should make sure that you have all the tools you will need. If you want a good computer system, you should check out Matchsourcing. The company offers sourcing services that will ensure you get the very best electronic products possible.

6.  It Is Unique Compared To Other Martial Arts

What sets Eskrima apart from other martial arts, is its unique take on knife and sword fighting. When you think of knife and sword fighting, you would think of Kendo, or fencing. However, what makes Eskrima such a unique style is that it uses locks as well. This makes the martial art a very comprehensive and complete one.

The martial art is also very intuitive, and the forms could be mixed to create a dervish of random strikes and parries. If you are going to take up this fighting style, you should have no preconceived notions. You might have training in boxing, karate, and other fighting styles, however, you should go into the training process without any preconceived notions. Be an empty slate, and absorb as much training as possible.

7.  It Is Gaining A Great Deal Of Popularity

One of the best things about Eskrima, is that it is rather popular in movies. The fighting style has very realistic movesets that allow it to look great infigh scenes. This makes the fighting styles so much more popular to established directors, and stuntmen. The style also looks very intense, and has people impressed with the speed and precision.

If you are going to practice Eskrima with other people, you should make sure that you practice it in a wide area that has proper lighting. Remember that you will be using fast strikes, and if you could not see the strikes properly, you may get injured in the long run.

Aside from good lighting, you should make sure that you invest in hand sanitizers. If you are going to spar with anyone, you should remember that you should be as hygienic as possible. Your partner should not feel slighted if you use a hand sanitizer after sparring.


If you are planning on taking up a new fighting style, you should try out Eskrima. The fighting style is a dynamic one. However, is  it really that effective? With this article, you’ll know the key advantages of Eskrima.

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