How far Atlanta United has come to be a top club

Soccer fans, as well as betting enthusiasts, will agree that Atlanta United FC is one of the top-ranking soccer teams in the United States. The soccer club which is based in Atlanta has been competing in Major League Soccer since 2017 when they joined the league as an expansion team. Kate Richardson, one of the online sports experts at Mightytips observes that the club is one of the most successful in America, something which she says is shown by their recent performance in the US Open Cup; the club won the title.

US Open Cup is a knockout cup competition and is dubbed to be the oldest soccer competition in the United States. She quotes a recent match where the club faced sporting KC, in this match the betting expert saw the Atlantic United having a good chance of beating their rival. Several bookmakers also had similar predictions where they saw Atlanta beating Sporting as the latter had not won in the last five games. Soccer betting enthusiasts who followed Kate Richardson predictions as well as others who rooted for an Atlanta United win carried the day as the team won the match.

Kate Richardson has reviewed several professional soccer teams as well as others in other fields, providing fans and betting enthusiasts with information that comes in handy when analyzing sports or making a betting predictions. She also has rated bookmakers offering soccer betting, giving bettors a chance to select betting sites which offer the best markets and odds. Kate Richardson’s predictions and profile can be found here. It tells not only about American soccer, but also about ice hockey betting.

You will learn all the options for sports betting, where it is best to bet, and the secrets of success for many.

A large metropolis without an MLS franchise

There was no way that a large metropolis such as Atlanta would remain without an MLS franchise. This prompted the Atlanta Falcons ownership to crack its head and see how this could be fixed. Arthur Blank did not just sit pretty. For those who may not be familiar with this name, Arthur Blank is a great American businessman, famed for co-founding the Home Depot, one of the largest home improvement retailers in America and indeed the whole world.

Together with others, Arthur submitted a bid to expand the franchise in 2008 but later came to withdraw the bid due to budget shortfalls as well as failure to get partners who can put up a stadium for the team which had been proposed. Although the expansion bid did not succeed this time Arthur Blank was optimistic that in a few years there would be an Atlanta United jersey at MLS sooner than later.

Despite the hurdle, the Soccer fans were happy to hear that despite the withdrawal MLS was still holding regular discussions with the business mogul regarding the potential expansion. As the expansion attempts gained a higher gear in 2013, Atlanta remained a top contender. These talks even opened the way for other metropolitans, Orlando, Miami, and Atlanta featured prominently as the next regions to enjoy the MLS expansion. It was on April 16, 2014, that the good news was announced. MLS awarded the expansion franchise to Arthur Blank’s group and the first Atlanta United game was to be in 2017. With this award, Atlanta metropolis became the second franchise in the southwestern region.

Although the team lost its first match to New York Red Bulls, their spirits were not affected; they were to come back for the second match, this time strong, beating a fellow expansion team, the Minnesota United. They were later to beat Chicago Fire in a match which had seen all tickets had been sold out. Sports analysts point out that Atlanta showed great potential right from the onset. For those wondering where to watch Atlanta United, the team’s home stadiums are:

  • Mercedes Benz is located in Atlanta Georgia which holds 42,500 but with expansion, it can have a full capacity of more than 71,000 
  • Bobby Dodd Stadium is located in Atlanta Georgia, and 
  • Fifth Third Bank Stadium located at Kennesaw, Georgia

Atlanta’s entrance to MLS ignited a fire that has never been seen before in the region, the fans were always on the lookout for the Atlanta United Schedule. The stadiums were always full with many wondering how to watch Atlanta united with such huge crowds. Luckily, for matches at this level, those looking to watch the action can catch it live as it is streamed by several channels. With this, the question of where to get the Atlanta United Channel and where to watch Atlanta United is well answered. For those who betted for the team to win, Atlanta United did not disappoint, it won most of its matches during the inaugural season, even going ahead to clinch a berth in the playoffs.

Champions bring glory to Atlanta

Atlanta made its fans proud, apart from attracting record crowds, the team also brought home glory that made many want to be associated with the team. It won several titles in 2018, a feat that was yet to be achieved by most teams in the MLS. They finished second in the Eastern Conference, qualified for play-offs, and were also big contenders in the Support’s Shield. They also qualified for the continental Champions league. The manager then, Martino left the club a happy man as he has helped the club to shine.

The manager who was to replace Martino had even a high winning streak; he led the team to win the US Open Cup and also Campeones Cup, although they were eliminated in the conference finals by the Toronto FC. The 2020 season saw Atlanta United perform well in the first matches before everything came to a halt due to COVID-19. Once the game started the team was well prepared, they have brought in new players, a move that many sports analysts observed boosted the team as it started a new season. The team has recorded mixed fortunes with several wins and also a record winless streak that led to the replacement of the coach. 

Atlanta United is an American soccer professional club that enjoys a huge following, both at home and also in other regions. People looking to bet on the team, may not have a hard time making predictions as the team has proved to be consistent in the short period it has played at MLS level.

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